Still Here, Still Pregnant, and A Little Less Paranoid!

I’m a few days shy of 29 weeks, and officially in my last trimester with Baby Boy #2 (Name confirmed! Intentionally withheld!)

Today we had our second growth scan since my anatomy scan in May, which in my case will continue monthly, thanks to 1) gestational diabetes and 2) Gus’ IUGR diagnosis four years ago.

Only good news, thank you baby Jesus.


Little Brother is around three pounds so far, and is in the 64th percentile for his gestational age. Comparatively speaking, Gus had already fallen way below average at this point (I think? Four years ago was a long time ago, and I didn’t write anything down, and pregnancy brain isn’t helping).

The only main difference between now and then, has been my blood pressure, and, well, how I got pregnant in the first place.

There is a correlation between IVF and higher blood pressure, and there’s a definite correlation between high blood pressure and placenta/growth issues — so perhaps that’s why Gus was a peanut, and so far Little Brother is not? I guess there’s no way to ever know for sure, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

In other news I got an email from my OB’s office confirming my c-section date for early October at 39+3 weeks, which was news to me, since I haven’t actually talked to anyone there yet about if I wanted or needed another c-section (I’m fine with it, thankfully) and how late I’d be allowed to wait to deliver (in the past I’ve been told I shouldn’t go past 38/39 weeks with my various risk factors).

I talked to the MFM team about it today, and they agreed it would prrrrobably be ok to wait a few days past 39 weeks, but maybe just to be on the safe side we push that date up a few extra days — which was also OK by me.

Baby is also finally big enough that I can feel regular movement, so I’m significantly less paranoid than I was a few weeks ago. We’ve even spent a few weeks at the beach (three hours away from home, and doctors, and decent hospitals) here and there, which was something I could never do when I was pregnant with Gus because I had so. many. appointments. throughout his pregnancy — and I was a crazy person until the day he was born.




And So It Begins

And by it, I obviously mean summer.

I love so much about summer. Snowballs. Swimming pools. Suntans. Maryland Blue Crabs. Air conditioning. Cookouts (at houses with air conditioning).

Oh, but it’s hot. So, so hot and humid. And it’s still May.

I feel compelled to cover my body in baby powder before getting dressed, or going to bed. All of my bedroom furniture is covered in a fine white powder. If you stopped by, and didn’t know better, you’d assume we have a serious drug problem.

Our wonderful, enormous swimming pool needs cleaning, and frogs and chipmunks are in need of constant rescuing.

Every time I open the door to let a dog in, I also get two bees and some moths.

And today I burned my thumb while I was baking biscuits. It has nothing to do with summer, I just like to complain.

Thankfully, my two bffs are both teachers, so in a few weeks I can play with them whenever I want.

And True Blood is right around the corner.

If you need me, I’ll be inside with the moths and the air conditioning.