Mountains of Baby Clothes, The Power of Oxyclean, and Viability

The best part of the second trimester is a tie, between finally feeling some baby movement (in your FACE, anterior placenta!) and no longer feeling like a train hit me.

With my newfound energy levels came a desire to clean and organize all of Gus’ baby clothes.

I figured, everything was clean when I packed it away, and it’s mostly organized by size already, how long could it possibly take?

Short answer: It takes like two weeks.

So many of the teeny tiny wittle baby clothes were covered in milk stains (which is apparently super common over time, even if they look clean when you pack them) and the sheer volume of four years worth of clothes (no matter how tiny) was overwhelming.

I separated out all the things worth keeping, and then anything with terrible staining. The internet assured me that a long soak in some Oxyclean would get rid of the majority of the yellow spots, so I gave it a try.

Oxyclean is everything Billy Mays promised us it would be, and then some.

Also, my god, baby clothes are adorable.

Another fun fact: apparently I packed my fancy, moderately expensive, diaper bag away, full of snacks and a sippy cup full of water, and after two years in an airtight bag, instead of very convincing fake leather, it turned into a giant bag of fuzzy mold. 

And, just as exciting for those of us riddled with pregnancy anxiety, today marks my 24th week, and with it comes the magic word: viability.

15 weeks to go. 


Counting Down

I opened a new half-gallon of milk the other day, and noticed that the expiration date is after my induction date.  That’s insanity, amiright?

(Also, if you’re not doing it already, you should really switch to drinking organic milk — because it lasts forever.)

After my baby shower last weekend, I spent the last few days getting everything organized, washed, and (sort of) put away. I have no idea how big Mr. Baby is going to be when he gets here — right now he’s measuring around four pounds, so I’m guessing he’ll be around six, or seven-ish pounds in six more weeks? So I feel compelled to go buy some newborn-sized stuff, which I don’t really have a lot of. The sizing on baby clothes is driving me insane, because it’s not consistent at all.

I don’t really know what to do with baby clothes. Do you hang them? Keep them in drawers? Can’t we just all wear our PJs for like 12 weeks? I ended up putting everything I have on baby hangers and in the closet organized by size — his dresser has super-deep drawers, and I think I’ll end up losing tiny little onesies in there, so I decided to use that space for swaddles, sleep sacks, blankets and sheets.

I want to get all the artwork hung in the nursery, and I guess I should put together the Pack ‘n Play, and the swing, and the Rock ‘n Play — in case Mr. Baby decides to make an early appearance. But I have four doctors appointments this week — FOUR. I’m exhausted already just thinking about it. Thankfully three of them are local, and just regular checkups — I just have to make the all-day trip to Georgetown on Tuesday and I’m hoping it’ll be my last trip pre-baby, but we’ll see.

I need to finish the thank you cards from my shower. I’ve been setting bits and pieces for the hospital bag aside for the last few weeks, I need to finish that too. And we need to pick up a few more essential items from our registry before he gets here.

Also, I want a whole package of Oreos — I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, and I don’t even really like Oreos.

Anyway… everything is like 60% done. I seem incapable of picking a project and finishing it 100%. My nesting instincts either haven’t kicked in yet, or my desire to nap is just a lot stronger. We’ve got some childbirth classes, two weddings, a housewarming party and my cousin’s 18th birthday coming up between now and my induction date — and that’s assuming I make it that long (which I really, really hope I do).  I need to get my act together, because time is running out (despite Mike’s many reassurances that we have plenty of time.)