Sixteen Going on Seventeen

This year was not my best. It was stressful, and disappointing, and scary and heartbreaking from time to time. But we laughed a lot, and had a lot of fun too (when I wasn’t sobbing).

It sort of reminds me of these photos, which are some of my favorites from this year. They look good, but really, each one was taken in the midst of a disaster.

In the first one, our trip to the train museum was a makeup trip from the week before when Gus threw up on everything (and everyone) in our car.

The second one was taken in the middle of a full-on meltdown/refusal to participate in a class I’d already paid for, and that – up until that very second – he used to love.

The third was taken after I spent the morning packing a cooler, and a beach bag, and slathering lotion on everyone, and hauling 25 pounds of stuff down to the beach, and 15 minutes later he was like, let’s go to the pool, I hate it here.

So I try to remember that sometimes annoying things happen, and you’ll be stressed and frustrated and tired, but something good can still come out of it. (At least as long as you’re willing to let your toddler wander fairly far away from you, and you happen to be holding a camera).

I hope that everyone has a happy(ier) and healthy(ier) 2017


New Year’s Resolutions

I’m the type of person who has to write things down if they’re ever going to get done.

Sometimes I’m the type of person who writes things down, and then loses the paper, and then never does those things. (Clearly they weren’t that important)

I’m also the sort of person who makes a lot of New Year’s Resolutions, and then does… hmmmm… 40 percent of them. So we’ll see how this goes.

#1. Make Babies. Obviously, this is kind of out of my control at this point. Science has taken over, and all I can do is take my medicine and then lay on an exam table where some doctor I’ve never actually met before get’s all up in my business while Mike holds my hand. But I feel pretty confident that it’ll happen soon. Babies everywhere, 2012.

#2. Don’t Be So Fat. This is both in support of #1, and also sort of laughs in the face of #1. Pregnancy = weight gain, everyone knows that. When the baby wants chocolate cake or french fries, or I don’t know, both at the same time — you eat it, and you like it. But until said baby starts demanding delicious foods (wouldn’t it be great if I just craved apples, and bran muffins?!) I need to lose as much weight as possible so I can have a healthy pregnancy/baby/body.

#3. Floss. I’m a terrible flosser. I always have been. I blame my mother. Smoop actually flosses regularly, but when I was little she had the dentist put some awful-tasting sealer on my teeth, and I never had a cavity. Not one. Until I was 28. So I really need to get on that. Also, I’m actually afraid of my dental hygienist, and don’t want her to reprimand me anymore.

#4. Take More Pictures. My awesome mother-in-law got me these amazing add-on lenses for my camera phone. I also have two SLRs collecting dust in my closet, and a really nice point-and-shoot just laying around, because I use my phone for everything now. But I love being behind a camera, and I have all the time in the world — so I’m going to try to do one of those 30-Day Photo Challenges and try to make my own Bokeh kit.

#5. Make More Things. I have a whole board of DIY projects I’ve been wanting to try, but I’m lazy and haven’t attempted too many. I also think a lot of them require a sewing machine, which I don’t own, or even really know how to use, so I need to learn how to do that too.

Uh… I’m sort of out of resolutions. So, I’m chubby, I can’t sew, and I need to floss more.

I guess that’s not so bad.

I’m sure there are more and I can’t remember them, because I wrote them down, and then lost the paper.

2011: A Year In Review

There were birthdays (the big 3-0 for both of us) and babies (not ours, we’re still working on it — here’s to babies everywhere in 2012).

Crafts galore (this just in!! I got my 100th Etsy order this week!! What, what?!!)

My dogs are adorable, I love Britney (don’t judge me) and dominos (which counteracts the Britney, I think, so there).

I love food, and I cooked all sorts of deliciousness this year.

Our pool turned neon green, and then it snowed in October (weird).

We went to California and Kansas for awesome weddings.

Being unemployed means I’m getting really good at doing my own nails.

Mike & I made the world’s greatest robot costume.

My Christmas decorations are so pretty (and still up, for at least another week).

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary by chugging Nyquil, ordering takeout, and watching Spies Like Us.

And my new 2012 calendar misprinted the month of June. Womp, womp!

Happy New Year, everyone!