My Shop

In my Etsy shop, Addigail Designs, I create customized prints, announcements and invitations for Babies, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Showers – and everything in between!

Why “Addigail,” you ask?

Well, on my first date with Mike (who promptly fell in love with me, proposed and then married me ASAP), we started talking about nicknames. He decided that the phonetic pronunciation of my then initials (A.D.) would be Addie.  Addie turned into Addigail, and he’s called me that, or a variation thereof, ever since. Also, I think he thought Addigail was a real name? because he came home from a business trip to Texas once and gave me a key chain that said “#1 Lover,” which is accurate, but not my name. I said, “Ashley was sold out?” and he said, “Yeah, and they didn’t have any Addigails either.” And I informed him that’s because it’s not an actual name.

Anyway! Don’t see exactly what you want? I love creating custom pieces, so email me and I’ll work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for! Prints are available in practically any color, and in smaller sizes if 11×14 is too large for you. Contact me for pricing on custom prints!

Enter coupon code SPITEORFLIGHT during checkout to save 25% on your entire order!


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