Customer Service

Washing machine can’t run any cycles that use cold water. Call the home builder and a plumber to check it out, and they all agree it’s an issue with the machine.

Under extended warranty, so no big deal.

Call Home Depot.

Home Depot says Service will call me.

Service says Samsung needs to fix it.

Service transfers me to Samsung.

Samsung rep legit sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher, and I laugh at everything he says (at least I think it was a he) for five minutes.

Charlie Brown hangs up on me. (He could hear me just fine, I gave him my number and asked him to call me back. He did not.)

I call Samsung directly, and this time I can hear, but it’s painfully obvious that English is not a first language.

I miss Charlie Brown a little. I have no idea how good his English was, but at least we had some laughs. 

Rep asks me to “troubleshoot” some things – like, disconnecting the water supply and taking the back panel off the washing machine.

Ummmmmmmm, no.

Rep then asks me to unplug the washer and plug it back in – like it’s a desktop computer from 1997 – and like that has anything to do with the water supply.

I pretend to do that.

I hold, and fantasize about setting things on fire.

An hour later, service is scheduled for later this week, thank you baby Jesus, and as of right now I didn’t have to resort to committing arson.



With the exception of going outside to move a LOT of snow, and a trip to the doctor today, we’ve all be stuck inside since Thursday night.

We got a little more than two feet of snow, starting Friday at 2pm, finally stopping around 8pm on Saturday.

We got a plow attachment for our new tractor (we own a tractor now!) and it worked great – at first.

But then the snow was just too deep, and the driveway was a little too steep, and we ended up shoveling more than we originally anticipated. Thankfully one of our neighbors snow-blew his way over to us Sunday morning, and left us the snowblower to finish cleaning up our driveway.

(I want to buy them a gift card for dinner to say thank you, and I really, really, want to write, “Thanks for the snow job.” Too much?)

Everyone keeps asking us if Gus is enjoying the snow. The short answer is: No.

The long answer is: Gus ended up with an ear infection, double pinkeyes, horrible cold and, obviously, a fever, starting Saturday morning. (Which means Mike and I should have pinkeye by Wednesday, you think?)

I blame a young, snot nosed, gentleman who was LICKING everything at the Chickfila playground last week.

Thanks, buddy. Also thank your mom for me, for not watching you, at all.

And so we’ve been inside, tending to our goopy, snotty, miserable child.

The good news? I suspect there will still be snow for him to play in once he’s feeling better.

Definitely over by our mailbox. (The plowman obviously has beef with the mailman, right?)

New House Chronicles: We Live Here Now

We’ve lived in our new house for a few months now. I’ve just dropped the ball posting updates and pictures because:

Moving sucks.
Moving twice (my mom moved in with us) double sucks.
We went on vacation (which also sort of sucked).
Our new fridge didn’t fit in the new kitchen, and sat in the middle of the floor for six weeks, which — you guessed it! — also sucked!
I was dreading obsessed with focused on sleep training Gus.
We ordered a bunch of new furniture, and some of it took forevvvver to get here.

But! All those things are mostly fixed now! (By mostly, I mean there are stacks and stacks and stacks of boxes in our basement that I need to deal with eventually, but not before my mom’s addition is finished next spring. And then we need to move her in there. So, more moving, more boxes, more sucking.)

Boxes are unpacked or hidden. The fridge is finally where the fridge is supposed to be. We went on another/better mini-vacation in September. Gus sleeps through the night, in his room (and now we’re working on weaning!) The last of our new furniture was delivered last week and this morning and I loooooooove it so much.

And so, here are pictures (finally).

Remember when the kitchen looked like this?


Well, now it looks like this:


In July we asked our movers to take our old dining table right to the basement, because it was too small for the new kitchen, but too heavy for us to easily move later. So for almost three months we used my old Ikea kitchen table that seats four. I knew I was going to buy a new table and chairs, I just wasn’t sure what to buy.

Last week our new table was delivered, which easily seats 8-10.


We’re currently using a mish-mash of chairs and benches until we can decide which new chairs to buy. I still want metal chairs, but Mike hates them more than anything else in the world, and so the search continues.

Remember when the stairs looked like this?


Now they look like this:


And our family room, which I don’t have a lot of before pictures of, finally has furniture in it! And a new rug!


The coffee table and chairs just came this morning (we ordered them in August) and I love them so much.

We still have plans to put in some built-in shelves/media space behind the grey chairs, but aside from that the main floor of our house is pretty much done. I’m thrilled all the furniture is finally here, and that we have it in time for Gus’ birthday party in a few weeks.

Table & Chairs Shopping

For the last few years, I’ve dreamed of the day we had a kitchen or a dining room large enough for a giant farmhouse-style table.

Now that we’re moving to a new house, I finally have the space to get one. And while there’s nothing really wrong with our current table and chairs, they’re a little too small for our new kitchen, and well, I want a new table so, I’m virtually window shopping.

I’ve narrowed my table search down as far as style goes, and I’m hoping to get lucky at a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware outlet (thankfully I live about a hour or so from one of each) and find something like this, this or this. If that doesn’t work out, my backup is this table from Home Decorators Collection, which has a matching bench.

My real problem is the chairs.

Mike & I both like the idea of a bench along one side of the new table, so I’ll need four/probably five new chairs for the new morning room.

In a perfect world, with a perfect budget, I’d get tufted and upholstered chairs. 

But, it’s not a perfect world, and at $250 a pop, these chairs are an investment I’m not sure I’m willing to make. With a sticky, rambunctious toddler, two dogs with poor table manners, and a mother prone to spilling her red wine, I don’t think upholstered chairs are terribly practical.

A slightly more affordable option would be an upholstered parsons chair, and while that saves me some money, it won’t solve my baby/dog/wine problem.

My second choice would be a metal bistro style chair. I personally love the mix of styles and textures (I blame Chip & Joanna Gaines) but Mike is adamantly opposed to a metal chair. 

They’d be light, and durable, and I wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining them too much. I’m hoping I can swing Mike in this direction, but if not — we move on to wooden chairs.

I like the idea of a painted wooden chair, that way we don’t have to worry about matching the stain on the table and the bench. Plus, if I can get Mike on board, it’s a good opportunity to add a pop of color.

For our predominantly white and gray kitchen, the blue chairs are my favorite, fingers crossed Mike agrees.

New House Chronicles: Let There Be Light (and Floors!)

THE LIGHTS ARE ON (but no one is home, ba-dum-bum.)


And the floors are in, the carpet is installed too.


So, you can walk in, flip on some lights, and tap dance around if you’re so inclined (and I am).

We’re still waiting on our official settlement date, but we’re in the home stretch at this point.


New House Chronicles: Kind of Homeless

Today we sold our old house.


The house we bought right after we got married. The house we brought our second (cute and annoying) little dog home to two months after we moved in.

The house where we entertained friends and family at our annual pool parties, and countless backyard barbecues.


The house we where brought our first baby home. Where he learned to crawl, and laugh, and where he started talking. Where he celebrated his first birthday and holidays.

It’s also the house where Mike got attacked by hornets. Where we’d suffer through freezing or sweltering temperatures, with no power for weeks at a time after bad storms.

Where countless frogs and chipmunks and the occasional squirrel battled with that beautiful pool, and almost always lost. This is in addition to the animals the dogs sometimes murdered. And the other dead animals foxes and owls (I assume, anyway) dropped in our yard for me to dispose of.

So, I’m a little sad to be leaving. We did have a lot of fun in that house. But I’m not as sad as I was when we left our first house, or as I was when my family left my childhood home.

Maybe it’s because soon, everything will be new and shiny and covered by a warranty. Or because our power lines will be buried, and hopefully I can kiss long-term power outages goodbye.

Maybe it’s because I know Gus won’t remember that house. All his memories will be of our new house, the friends he’ll meet living there, and the games we play in our new, better, yard.

Maybe it’s because moving sucks. And moving with a toddler is ten times harder. Maybe I’ll be sadder once everything settles down.

I think it helps that the people who are buying our house are really nice, and are really excited about living there. And their kids are so excited about having a pool. And they told us it was their “forever home.” 

But wait, you said something about being homeless?

Right. Yes.

The new house still isn’t finished. It does, however, finally have electricity, so hopefully it should only be another two or three weeks before we can move in.

Until then we’re staying with Mike’s parents, who are thrilled about Gus being here (the dogs? not so much) and ohmygod I forgot how nice it is to live five minutes away from a Target.