Liebster Blog Award!

Georgette at Can’t Control Everything After All recently nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award, which is, “an award is granted to up-and-coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging.” This is my first time being nominated for the Liebster Award, I think. Last year my old friend Sarah at Anything but Academia nominated me for a similar award, but then — despite my best intentions — I sort of forgot about it.

I blame estrogen injections, which make you crazy, and forgetful.

Anyway — this time I’m going to follow through. And if I can find the old questions from Sarah, what the hell, I’ll do them a year too late.

The instructions are:

1) to answers the 11 questions written by your nominator. 2) to nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 3) to write 11 of your own questions for each nominee to answer.

Here are my questions from Georgette:

1.  Tell us the craziest or funniest thing that happened on your wedding day. Well, see, we accidentally got married in the middle of a blizzard. I mean, the wedding wasn’t an accident, but the blizzard sort of snuck up on us. Well, on me. I was so worried about having to get in and out of the limo from the house to the wedding ceremony in the rain, I only checked the weather report up until our wedding day. Once I thought we were in the clear, I just stopped looking at it. So, when I showed up at our wedding rehearsal and the wedding planner said, “Oh my god, aren’t you glad you’re not getting married a day later?!” I had no idea what she was talking about. So, the snow started falling mid-way through our reception, and by the time we left, there were already several inches of snow on the ground. A lot of drunk people fell while they were leaving, which was hilarious. But then Mike’s grandma fell, and it wasn’t as funny anymore. By the time we left our hotel the morning after, there was almost two feet of snow on the ground, and a lot of out of town guests were stuck in Baltimore. We also had a party planned at my mom’s that had to be canceled, and we ended up with like 30 pounds of wedding cake at our house (which I was totally fine with). This was what my legs looked like by the time I got back in our front door:

2.  What do you do for a living? Not much, I assure you! I run my Etsy shop, Addigail Designs, from home, and some weeks are busy, and some I don’t hear a peep from customers. It’s not like those shops you read about where people had a regular 9-5 job, but their stuff was so popular they decided to focus on it 100%. If I’m lucky, I usually sell enough to cover my iTunes purchases. Then, a little more than a month ago, I started working part-time with my mother-in-law at a surgical center, helping a few afternoons with scheduling surgeries, making charts, answering phones — that sort of thing. I know what you’re thinking: 1) are you qualified for that sort of thing, and 2) wait, with your mother-in-law??  Well, 1) no not really, but I’ve already mastered spelling a variety of surgical things that I had never heard of and I know how to answer a phone, so I’m getting there, and 2) she’s really nice. Not like one of those horrible mother-in-laws you always see on TV.

3.  Best method of losing weight when you need to drop 10 lbs?  My recent experience has been to cut out gluten, which basically eliminates all breads, cookies, cakes, and deliciousness from your diet. Which makes sense, because back in the day, my standard answer to this question would have just been “carbs” in general. I really can’t hype the gluten-free lifestyle enough though. For example, after miscarriage #2, I basically ate my feelings in whatever horrible carb-laden form you could think of. It was delicious, and improved my mood for about five minutes, but that was about it. I felt like total crap the rest of the time. I recently pulled myself together and got back on track (for like the 70th time in my adult life) and after three days, my body doesn’t ache, my cold is getting better, I have more energy, and I’m sure I’m losing some weight.

4.  Why did you decide to start blogging about infertility? I didn’t originally. I had been thinking about it for awhile, and decided to just give it a go, without any real direction. We were doing stuff around the house, which I wanted to document. And there were so many stories I wanted to use to embarrass my mother on the internet, so that was good. Our fertility treatments didn’t start until a few months later, and then I really found the blog to be a helpful way to keep a lot of people who were interested in our progress up to date, without having to explain everything over and over and over again. You can only explain about follicle sizes, and estrogen levels, and monitoring appointments so many times, and then your head will just explode off your body. It’s a medical fact.

5.  Have any other blogs you write? Remember all those stories I tell, to embarrass my mother? Well, those are just the ones I’m willing to let her and my grandmother read about. There are so many more debaucherous tales, that I have considered writing them somewhere else under a pseudonym. But then I think that seems like a lot of work, and anyone who lived with me in college will figure it out pretty quickly, and there goes that anonymity!, so why bother.

6.  You’re going out for a casual date night with another couple– describe your outfit, head to toe.  Nipple tassels, and some well-placed bells. And maybe a pashmina, in case the restaurant is a little chilly.

7.  Favorite online shopping websites? Being unemployed for so long really helped subdue my online shopping. But if we’re talking about clothes, I usually stick with Old Navy, because it’s cheap, and every so often I find the best jeans there. I’m also a sucker for everything Paper Source has ever made. And despite my love of bookstores (Man, I miss Borders!) everything else comes from Amazon.

8.  At home, how do you divide up chores? Theoretically, the inside chores are mine, and the outside chores are Mike’s. Realistically, there are piles of dogs hair I need to vacuum like, yesterday, and Mike despises cutting the grass. Most people always tell us how clean our house is (I can hear my mother laughing hysterically…) but that’s because when we have people over, I clean like a mad woman. If you just stopped by for a surprise visit, you’d be less impressed.

9.  Coffee or tea? milk, sugar, lemon?  Both, with milk and sugar (or, really, Splenda — which I feel like is sort of poison? So I don’t know if I should still use it. But sugar will only make me fatter. But then, I don’t know a lot of skinny people who exclusively use Splenda either. I guess I should just learn to drink coffee and tea without it…)

10.  When you need retail therapy, what do you buy typically?  When I had a 9-5 job? Shoes. Man, I love shoes. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in over a year. I rode out my unemployment in Uggs and flip flops. I’m also a sucker for the $5 DVD bin. I love movies. I have more movies than we will ever watch. But for now all of our extra cash is funneled into the baby-making process.

11.  You’re late and basically throwing on clothes as you run out the door– name three makeup essentials that get you from barefaced to presentable, all applied at stoplights of course.  Mineral powder, tinted Burt’s Bees, and some eyebrow pencil. Not, like Mommy Dearest, or anything — just enough to fill things in and class up the joint.

As for my 11 nominees, and my questions — I’ll have to give that some thought.

Thank you, Georgette, for the nomination!


Here Goes Nothin’

Inaugural blog post, what what?!

… and I have nothing, really, to say.  Other than, I thought this would be a good idea, and now I’m… bored.

I guess the problem is I read a lot of awesome blogs.  Some are food blogs, some are fashion blogs, but most of them are baby blogs (which is weird, since I’m currently babyless).  And while I can cook, and I’m no schlub in the clothing department – I’m not really sure which direction I want to take this thing.

Ideally, one day I’ll be someone’s (awesome) momma, and this will naturally evolve into a baby blog.  But, until my lazy ass ovaries decide to get in the game, I guess I can just stick with things that are hilarious, delicious, and pretty (just like me!).