Friday Things

It’s finally stating to feel like fall, I found ahmazing boots on sale, I just ordered a giant, delicious cake for a certain someone’s first birthday, and, OH YEAH, I CAN EAT DAIRY AGAIN.

Oh cheese. I’ve missed you, so, so, much.

Are you following Retta on Twitter? Or Instagram? You really should, because she is killing it (and she’s hilarious.)

Cartoon dogs, from around the world, because, why not?

I don’t have a ton of free time on my hands anymore, so I doubt I’ll be carving any elaborate pumpkins this year. But there’s always time for glue, and glitter.

I’m not sure how I feel about Twin Peaks coming back in 2016 (#11 on this list made me so, so angry, I’ve never gotten over it) but I am SUPER excited about Gilmore Girls on Netflix. You should get started!


Friday Things (on Tuesday)

Because why not?

I love dogs. I’m a dog person. I love adopting dogs. Here’s an amazing (and kind of terrifying!) story, about how great dogs are, and why you should adopt one.

I know, I’m obsessed with Kitchen Vignettes (they’re all so prettyyyy!) but after a week at the beach eating caramel popcorn (and a lot of other things) I think my dairy-free days might be over! I want someone to make this, now, please.

Speaking of caramel popcorn, you can order some here. Everybody loves it.


Apparently I’m hungry, because now I want to make some ramen. I like mine all the different ways.

I just spent a week at the beach with my mom, and we stumbled across an adorable shop in Berlin, MD (a tiny little town, where Runaway Bride was filmed), where I found these plates, etc., and then promptly kicked myself for not coming up with the idea before someone else did.

Friday Things

It’s finally starting to feel like fall, my favorite time of year. But, really, isn’t it everyone’s? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hates fall. That’s like hating dessert. Or getting angry when you find money in the pocket of that coat you haven’t worn in months. Weirdos.

Speaking of fall, I’m on the hunt for a pair of over-the-knee boots (because I’m tall, and I love boots, and I think I can pull them off) but the search is a little difficult thanks to my slightly wider calves. I keep coming back to these, but then I can’t quite seem to pull the trigger. Thankfully Brittany Gibbons is willing to try stuff on, and report back to us.

I want to eat all these things. Don’t tell my nutritionist.

Except for these pancakes, because they’re too amazing to eat.

I love Mindy Kaling for a variety of reasons โ€” the top being: 1) she’s hilarious and smart, and 2) she’s shaped like a normal human woman. Thanks to Worn on TV, you can wear what she wears! (Assuming you have a fair amount of money to burn.)

All of these quotes are good, but (surprise, surprise!) this one is my favorite:

Friday Things!

It’s September, already? How did that happen? And why does it finally feel like summer, now?! And, oh my god, I ordered the baby’s first birthday party invitations. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

I can’t drink pumpkin spice lattes (who would’ve guessed the syrup is full of dairy?!) and I can’t eat these caramels either (stupid cream and butter!) but they sure are pretty to look at.

Speaking of delicious things, Buzzfeed thinks it can guess your favorite food. (Spoiler alert: I got ice cream.)

I have tried again and again, unsuccessfully, to convince Mike we need a baby goat. He keeps saying no.

If I ever have a bigger house, with a bigger kitchen, and some extra walls, this is the first thing I’m buying.

And finally, I don’t care who you are, when someone proposes with 1001 hotdogs, YOU SAY YES.

Friday Things!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

And Happy Almost Birthday, to the best husband a girl could ask for!


I didn’t get a chance to celebrate International Dog Day, so here’s a bunch of dogs hugging their humans.

Speaking of dogs, Hello Kitty is … apparently NOT a kitty, at all?

True Blood is finally over (no more Civil War Bill flashbacks!!) but you can let the world know you belong to Eric Northman (because helloooooo Viking God) with one of these.

File this shirt under “things I need,” and “you got that right.” Ok, and this one too.

Call me crazy (no real ice cream for 10 months will do that to a girl) but I’m seriously considering spending $11 on a pint (or seven) of these.

Five Things on Fridays

A lot of blogs I read do a sort of “look at what I found on the Internet this week” roundup, which I enjoy. I’ve found other blogs I really like, read really interesting articles, and discovered adorable Etsy shops from their weekly links.

But sometimes their lists are sooooo long, I get a little overwhelmed and just give up reading. Five things, would be perfect, if you ask me.

Maybe a cute Etsy listing. A recipe here and there. Something baby/parenting/fertility related. Some celebrity news. Pictures of cute baby animals. Pictures of fancy kitchens or bathrooms or swimming pools so we can all live vicariously through much richer people.

You know. Stuff like that.

So here’s my first list of Five Things on Friday.

Want to be the perfect mother? It’s totally easy, and impossible and you should do it, or not do it.

Being polite is easy too. And hey! Fun facts about prostitutes!

Fancy pants? Smarty pants? Cranky pants? Bossy pants? HANGRY pants?! Yes, please. I’ll take one of each.

Chubby or super-ripped, Chris Pratt is adorable.

I had no idea making pickles could be so easy.