Our Baby-Making Timeline (#2)

After years of IUI, IVF, FETs and RPL — we finally had our first baby.

You can read about that here.

Now we’re going through the process again.

October 2015: I wean Gus right before his second birthday so we can attempt a FET at the beginning of 2016.

March 2016: I start meds for a FET of one of our remaining 11 embryos.

April/May 2016: BFP, and we see a heartbeat at 6 weeks, and 8 weeks. Unfortunately we’re diagnosed with a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. I opted for a D&C this time.

Summer 2016: We decide to postpone trying again for a few months to travel, go on vacation, avoid mosquitos, etc. and plan to try again in the fall after having our remaining 10 embryos PGS tested to maximize our odds.

August 2016: Eight of our ten embryos survive the PGS testing process, and are normal!

October 2016: I start meds for a potential FET in November.

November 2016: I get what doctors assume is a random case of pancreatitis, and I was hospitalized for three days, and our embryo transfer was pushed back for five days to give me some time to recover. Our transfer went beautifully, and six days later I started getting positive tests at home. A few days later though, my pancreatitis was back, only this time it was much more severe, and all the doctors agree it was caused by elevated triglycerides, which in turn was caused by the estrogen I was taking for the FET cycle. I had a positive beta in the hospital, but the numbers starting dropping almost immediately, and we had another loss while I was admitted.

December/January 2017: Once I’m physically recovered from the pancreatitis, I start back on a Paleo-esque diet, which I prefer, and which my doctors recommended to keep my triglycerides in check. I’m also instructed not to drink for at least six months (which is fine, I guess, but makes me a little sad.) We also found out that future FET cycles ARE an option for me, without the use of estrogen, assuming all my doctors sign off on that sort of treatment. We’ve decided to wait at last six months before trying again, to give my stupid pancreas plenty of time to heal. In the meantime, we research adoption, gestational carriers, and becoming foster parents.


February 2017: We discover that we are miraculously, unexpectedly, spontaneously pregnant. No one is more shocked than me (maybe it’s a tie, with my husband). We have no idea when I ovulated, because I never started a new cycle after the last loss in November. My usual protocol also includes starting blood thinner before a BFP, so I immediately start taking what I had left over from my last cycle, but we had no idea if it was too late or not. I call my RE who gets me in for betas ASAP.

Beta #1: 296
Beta #2: 698
Beta #3: 1537

We saw one yolk sac at our first ultrasound a week later, and then a beating heart at around 7, 8, and 9 weeks. EDD is 10/6/17.

March 2017: NT Scan measurements look good, and basic quad screening for Trisomies 13/18/21 all come back very low risk.

May 2013: At 19 weeks, we see a healthy baby boy during our anatomy scan. My blood pressure has been great so far, my clotting issues are well managed and my gestational diabetes (it’s back!) is under control with diet and some nighttime meds.

Summer 2013: Baby is growing like a weed, and it looks like we’re not at risk for another IUGR diagnosis. Scheduled repeat c-section is on the books for the end of September.

September 2013: Baby Boy continues to grow at a healthy rate, and we make it to my scheduled c-section date at 38+5. Everyone is happy and healthy, and we are still shocked and amazed that this little boy is here.