I’m Ashley.  I live with my hubby Mike, and our two pups Daisy & Jake.  I’m tall, and spiteful, and usually hungry.  I love coffee ice cream.  I miss Lost.  I have a mouth like a sailor.  I talk in my sleep, which Mike catalogs whenever I wake him up (true story: on two separate occasions, I’ve referenced briefcases? wtf?!)

I wanna make babies, but so far, my lazy ass ovaries have other plans, which means medicine + fancy-schmancy science = (I’m guessing here) ultimately quadruplets.

After years of trying, medical intervention, needles, miscarriages, more needles, and running up the credit cards, we finally had a baby in October 2013. I might be biased, but he is the greatest baby in the world.

I work part-time used to have a job, but until I find a new one, stay at home with this little bundle of joy, and I do my own little thing on the side (what’s up, Etsy, haaaayyy!)


One thought on “About

  1. Love your blog! I was introduced by Anything but Academia and now I’m totally hooked. I look forward to following your journey as you become a mommy. And if you ever need any pointers, I am a new mommy of a 10 month old and love sharing our experiences with others. Happy New Year!

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