25 Facts About Me

Because I know you were just dying to ask…

1. I’m an only child, and a Capricorn — which means I’m terrible at sharing, and I’m incredibly bossy. Just ask my husband. Or my parents. Or any of my college roommates.

2. I am an excellent singer, in the shower, or whenever I’m alone in the car.

3. I am also an excellent dancer, which I will do anywhere, in front of anyone.

4. I’ve been fascinated by vampires since I was 13, thanks to Brad Pitt. I’ve been leaning more towards werewolves since being introduced to Alcide. And yet, I am not a Twilight fan.

5. I unapologetically love bad tv shows.

6. I love April Fool’s Day, almost as much as Christmas.

7. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. And Ron Weasley. And Neville Longbottom.

8. I’m terrified of ice. On the ground. Not in my drink.

9. Videos of people falling down make me laugh, no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

10. I met my husband on the internet. Before him, I met a lot of … weirdos.

11. I am not a morning person. Ever.

12. Most of the time, my inner monologue is in Loretta Devine’s voice.

13. The rest of the time, my inner monologue is in Ron Burgundy’s voice.

14. I make this weird sound when I’m falling asleep. It’s a sort of growl/moan. My mother does it too. I know, because I laughed at her for 30 years. Now it’s not as funny.

15. I once broke the underwire in my bra, just by wearing it. My boobs are out of control.

16. I have two three tattoos.

17. I have never lost a game if Scene It.

18. I know more Friends trivia than necessary. Pivot! Big Fat Goalie!

19. I have a Pinterest problem.

20. My thumbs are double-jointed, and it gives my husband the creeps.

21. If I could get away with it, my main source of vegetables would be Terra Chips and Wasabi Peas.

22. Before my husband and I adopted our first dog (a pit bull mix) we were planning to get a wiener dog and name him Hans Gruber.

23. The $5 DVD bin at Walmart is my kryptonite. (Our local Blockbuster is closing, and I can’t stop buying movies.)

24. If I could build my dream house, I’d want a secret passage hidden behind a giant painting or a swinging bookshelf. Like in Clue. Or that murder mystery episode of Saved By The Bell.

25. Speaking of Saved By The Bell, I’ve met Mr. Belding (a lovely man) and Screech (a creepy drunk). Also I still have a crush on Zack Morris.


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