For Those of You Just Joining Us

Alternatively known as: Filling in Everyone From Facebook

It’s no secret we’ve struggled over the years to build our family. Various torturous medicated cycles, and then three rounds of IVF and two losses were under our belts (literally) before we had Gus.

Last year we decided to try again, and I rather optimistically thought it would be a walk in the park, now that we’d found a protocol that finally worked.

Boy, was I an idiot.

This time last year, we found out we’d lost another pregnancy. After a few months off and some extra embryo testing, we tried again in the fall, and it honest to god almost killed me.

After that, we decided to explore other options. Adoption. Fostering. People reached out to us about being gestational carriers. We found out more IVF was a possibility, if we eliminated certain medications.

We had a lot of possibilities to consider. But one thing we knew, for absolutely sure, was we were going to wait at least six months so I could recover physically (pancreatitis is no joke, friends).

And then like eight weeks later, clouds parted, and angels sang, and my boobs hurt, and I took the last pregnancy test in my possession on a whim, because why the hell not — they’re always negative — and all hell broke loose.

I got to surprise Mike. Technically I got to surprise EVERYONE, which I never thought would be possible. But I suddenly found myself in the position to surprise my husband with a pregnancy like a REGULAR PERSON, and I was so excited, I told him five minutes before a dozen neighbors and their kids came over for a pizza party, and then was like, “ok, that was the doorbell, lets go act totally normal for a few hours!”

(That’s the flabbergasted face of a man who has had zero time to process what I’m telling him.)

Also, I just want to point out how close I came to being one of those women you see on TLC who gives birth at home on the toilet, because they had no idea they were pregnant. I never got my period after the last loss. I have an anterior placenta, and a breech baby who likes to face my spine, so five months in and I still feel nada in the movement department. Now, maybe the nine weeks of dry heaving would have tipped me off eventually, but we’ll never know for sure. Anyway…

I’m 19 weeks along now, so I’m halfway there. I’m due in early October, but thanks to all my fancy high-risk factors, I’ll deliver by the end of September.

So far, everything looks good. I still have to take blood thinner everyday, and they tested me early for gestational diabetes, which of course, I failed (again.) The good news is, it’s mostly diet controlled at this point, so I’ve only gained three pounds total (to the shock and horror of pregnant women, everywhere). My blood pressure has been great (which was not the case with Gus at all) and more importantly — so far my pancreas seems fine (knocking on all the wood).

After last fall, I genuinely believed we would never have any more children, so just to have the possibility is such a miracle and we’re so excited, and still a little shocked. Thank you, everyone for all the heartfelt congratulations and well wishes!


7 thoughts on “For Those of You Just Joining Us

  1. On the GD point, I was diagnosed with it on the basis of a failed glucose tolerance test but I managed to keep it within acceptable limits for the majority of the time just through diet. The worst things were rice and Yorkshire pudding! 😂 I even carried on eating chocolate and it was fine if I combined it with fat (cream in hot chocolate!).
    Since having B, I was tested again and there’s no sign of diabetes so it’s all good. Hopefully you will be able to keep controlling it through diet and you’ll be fine after! Let me know if you have any questions… I tended to eat my normal meals but just with less potato / rice / bread!

      • Ah what a wally I am! I’m glad you know all about it already! It was a pain in the ass though, right?! 😂 Hope it’s not too bad for you! (And so happy everything is going well for you!)

      • Sorry to be a debbie downer, but mine didn’t go away after the 2nd one. After my first, it went away immediately (like within 24 hours of delivery) but with my second (and my Dr had warned me) I failed them for over 2 weeks and I also failed the GTT 3 months post delivery . I know you bf last time after Gus was born and I hope you get to do it this time too just be extra careful about the sugar levels because I felt I was yo yoing a lot with my sugar levels while bfeeding.
        It took me a good 6 months to get rid of diabetes and now I am at risk for life. I got to take a A1C every 6-8 months.
        Just telling you this happens as well, maybe you wont go through this at all.

  2. So awesome….literally! I had an anterior placenta w/ Lars & that IS the people that have the babies and are like, “omg, I didn’t even know I was pregnant!” I think I really started to feel him around 22 weeks or so, but it was ALWAYS muted. I think it’s cute tho b/c someone said the placenta is like a big cushion between the baby and the world and I always felt like L was so deep inside me. kinda like, they’re shyer and just need to be close to their mom.

  3. I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I had a precancerous tumor removed from my pancreas just over two years ago (and they also had to remove my spleen). I am now 28 weeks pregnant with a little boy too! Just wanted to say congratulations and that I know how awful the pancreatitis can be and I never dreamed I would be able to have a second child after that. Good luck to you!!

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