PGS Results

We had 10 remaining embryos on ice, and after our last loss, we decided to have them all PGS tested.*

Before our embryos could be tested, they’d need to be thawed, biopsied, and re-frozen. We also needed to participate in a consultation with the lab that would be doing the testing.

We were told since we (me, really) were both 31 when our embryos were made, we could expect around 60% of them to be normal, and the rest, obviously, abnormal. I knew that all my embryos had made it to Day 5 before they were frozen, but I’d never known what they were graded.

They were ALL 5AA.

If you’re blessed in the fertility department — this is practically unheard of. If you’re currently undergoing IVF — I don’t need to tell you how amazing that is.

So, two weeks ago, all ten were thawed and biopsied. Nine out of the 10 survived the process and were re-frozen.

Yesterday we got the call from my nurse, and EIGHT of the nine are chromosomally normal!

I know that a PGS diagnosis of “normal” is no guarantee, but I’m very optimistic about moving forward with a frozen cycle this fall. I also can’t help but wonder if we really DID hit the 60% mark:

1st transfer — Chemical Pregnancy, one embryo
2nd transfer — early loss, one embryo
3rd transfer — healthy baby, two embryos
4th transfer — early loss, one embryo

So we’ve used 5 of the original 15. Assuming the ones we lost or didn’t take were abnormal, plus the test results we have now, that means 9/15 (60%) were/are normal.

We’re on schedule to try again in October. Now if only I could stop eating and drinking like I’m still on vacation. 

*Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is a powerful genetic test that may be performed on embryos during IVF treatment to screen for numerical chromosomal abnormalities. PGS is performed on a small embryo biopsy prior to transfer and identifies which embryos are chromosomally normal.


9 thoughts on “PGS Results

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  2. 8/9 is tremendous!!!!! I am so hopeful for you!!!!

    Isn’t it amazing what it takes to get a healthy, live baby? We went through 8 “perfect” embryos to get 2 kids. People outside of our world don’t understand this. They hear we have “perfect” embryos and they think that we’re guaranteed a take-home baby. We hear we have “perfect” embryos and our reality tells us, “that’s better than crappy, but it doesn’t really mean much.”. PGS is such a great thing to do – takes a lot of the guesswork out of the transfer process.

    Good, good luck! Have you decided, yet, how many you’ll transfer? My friend had only 2 chromosomally normal embryos and transferred one that turned into her son, and is going back for the other one in a few weeks. I’m excited for her, but nervous. 🙄

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