Potty Training: The Middle?

We’re two weeks into potty training, and I’m super proud of all of us.

We’ve gone on a few playdates, trips to tumbling and farm class, out to a fancy dinner for Father’s Day, hours at the pool, and countless walks and bike rides around our neighborhood — no accidents. None.

I’m sure I’m jinxing myself, but I don’t care.

Most of the time I’m reminding him to take a break and use the potty. There are usually a few times a day though when he does it all on his own.

We’re still using diapers for nap/bed time but he’s routinely refusing to sleep until I take him back to the potty at least a few more times. At first I thought it was just a ploy to avoid sleeping, but turns out he really needs or wants to go.

If you’re considering potty training soon, or thinking ahead, I highly recommend the Oh Crap! Potty Training Guide by Jamie Glowacki.


4 thoughts on “Potty Training: The Middle?

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