Potty Training: The Beginning

As of last Tuesday, we have entered the wonderful, weird, world of potty training. 

The good news? Gus is doing really well, has a really good grasp of peeing on the potty, and has minimal accidents. 

The less than good news? Poops are proving more complicated. But I’m sure we’ll get there, eventually. 

So far we’ve stuck close to home, but have successfully ventured out for walks around the neighborhood. We’re also only focusing on daytime training at the moment, because dear god I can’t even imagine. 

If you’re considering potty training soon, or thinking ahead, I highly recommend the Oh Crap! Potty Training Guide by Jamie Glowacki. It breaks the process down into blocks, and is genuinely entertaining to read. 


5 thoughts on “Potty Training: The Beginning

  1. Oh goodness….I don’t even know when to begin with this, or how with Bjorn. To him all poo is “dog poo”, (me: no, honey, ur poo is just poo”) noted tho, on that sh&tty book❣

  2. I see night training as a whole new, far off level. Tru has an occasional dry night but honestly, that’s not even a goal of mine for now. I’m still recuperating from day time potty training! I will say, it’s wonderful having him trained!! 🙂 I hope Gus learns quickly for you.

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