Two and a Half

Last week marked Gus’ half birthday.

I speak from experience now, when I say that October and his next birthday will be here before I know it, AND he’ll be starting pre-school in the fall (😢😢😢)

Gus is just over three feet tall, and only weighs 27 pounds. I’m actually dreading potty training him, because I’m pretty sure his diaper is the only thing that keeps all his pants from just sliding off.

Two year olds are really, really funny. Funny and infuriating, but mostly funny (at least mine is).

Lately, when I ask him how he slept, he thinks about it for a second and says, “Like a big turtle!”

A few weeks ago, he looked at a fake clock in his cousins’ playhouse and shouted, “Three o’clock!? Gussy gotta hurry!”

He also followed a 10 year-old girl around the playground saying, “Name is Gus girl! Girl! Come back, girl!”

At the zoo, he looked at me and said, “Flamingos are CRAZY.”

One night while he was playing with Mike, who removed his glasses, Gus yelled, “Daddy is naked!”

After repeatedly offering me a cup of soapy bath water to drink, he told me, “Give it a try mom!”

And last night he said, “You’re really pretty. You look like a pony horse.” Uhh, thank you?!


11 thoughts on “Two and a Half

  1. Oh… Tru is tall and thin and has NO hips. Like, nothing at all. His pants fall down terribly and his underwear ride down all day and actually cause his butt cheeks to chafe from the waist down. I have to put balm on his butt cheeks. Poor kid. :/

  2. Lol, you got one amazing and sweet kiddo :))
    You look like a pony ;)) was damn funny. I have the same trouble with my son’s pAnts. Nothing ever sits on the waist.

      • Since he is too tall for his age, i have to buy a size up. And then adjustable waist doesnt work. My chappie is just over 2 and is almost 95 cms. I cannot wwait for shorts season. This winter, I actually had him in leggings to keep his butt and legs warm :))

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