I Did It!

In January, I said I was going to finally learn to use my sewing machine.

I registered for a Sewing 101 class a few weeks later, and was … totally underwhelmed.

Long story short, the class description and the actual information covered were not really the same thing. In fact, the instructor took one look at everyone who brought their own sewing machines and said, “I will not answer any questions you have about your own machines.”

Oooooook then.

Then I sat through a three-hour class, and we actually used sewing machines for the last 15 minutes.

So I came home sad and angry, with a threaded machine I had no idea how to re-thread or troubleshoot.

Thankfully, my sewing machine manufacturer had a lot of helpful how-to guides online, and I just taught myself athank you very much!

Then I just dove right in, and made a damn quilt. (Sondra at A Calm Persistence made one for baby Nora, and I thought it was so pretty!)

I started with this tutorial, which basically said your skill level needs to be can-sew-in-a-straight-line. ✔️

I started by measuring coordinating strips of 6-inch and 4-inch flannel.


I layered the strips as directed, and sewed right down the middle (mostly in a straight line), and laid out my pattern.

Then I took a break, and quickly made two pillowcases, using this tutorial, with some adorable Curious George fabric I stumbled across.

Gus was SO EXCITED about his new George pillow, and he has slept on one every night ever since. 

Back to the quilt! 

I started at one end, and just added one section at a time, and it probably took three days, working mostly at naptime to finish. 

I opted not to bind the outer edges, because that seemed a little intimidating (and I ran out of fabric). I figured I could always bind it later. 

So I ragged the seams (the rag side) and the outer edges and the flip side is the more traditional quilt side.

It still needs to be washed a few more times for all the little loose threads on the rag side to work their way out, but Gus loves it, and I am super proud of myself. 



4 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. I am crazy impressed! I’ve only sewed one thing in my life & it was a curtain. Pretty much my friend was holding my hand the entire time! U r a natural!

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