Uncle Donald

Gus occasionally sings to himself before he falls asleep (adorable! I know!) and until today that really just consisted of him singing “jingle bells” to himself over, and over, and over again.

This afternoon, after a few bars of jingle bells, he started singing “Uncle Donald has a farm, E-O-O-O-O!” before making a few animal sounds and passing out.

He also thinks that everyone is a Mister.

His TMNT bath toy is, “Mr. Guy.” (Who loves to turn the TV on? On his boat? I have no idea.)

His pediatrician is Mr. Doctor.

The guy building my mom’s addition is Mr. Ron, which really isn’t funny or inaccurate – but sometimes he’ll say something about Mr. Ron’s hole, and that’s obviously hilarious.

And few weeks ago, we went to the library with our friends, Jess and Clio. After we split up, Gus looked around and asked, “Where did Mr. Jess go?!”

And, in additional adorable news, last night he told us goodnight and then ran down the hall to his room screaming, “Take sweet dreams!”


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