With the exception of going outside to move a LOT of snow, and a trip to the doctor today, we’ve all be stuck inside since Thursday night.

We got a little more than two feet of snow, starting Friday at 2pm, finally stopping around 8pm on Saturday.

We got a plow attachment for our new tractor (we own a tractor now!) and it worked great – at first.

But then the snow was just too deep, and the driveway was a little too steep, and we ended up shoveling more than we originally anticipated. Thankfully one of our neighbors snow-blew his way over to us Sunday morning, and left us the snowblower to finish cleaning up our driveway.

(I want to buy them a gift card for dinner to say thank you, and I really, really, want to write, “Thanks for the snow job.” Too much?)

Everyone keeps asking us if Gus is enjoying the snow. The short answer is: No.

The long answer is: Gus ended up with an ear infection, double pinkeyes, horrible cold and, obviously, a fever, starting Saturday morning. (Which means Mike and I should have pinkeye by Wednesday, you think?)

I blame a young, snot nosed, gentleman who was LICKING everything at the Chickfila playground last week.

Thanks, buddy. Also thank your mom for me, for not watching you, at all.

And so we’ve been inside, tending to our goopy, snotty, miserable child.

The good news? I suspect there will still be snow for him to play in once he’s feeling better.

Definitely over by our mailbox. (The plowman obviously has beef with the mailman, right?)


3 thoughts on “Blizzard’d

  1. Your are in an awesome house with a great husband and you were able to get to the pediatrician so you should feel the Epic storm was a win!!

  2. It’s a winter wonderland, but not when the toddler falls over in the snow and begins screaming. Or handles ice for too little long. Bjorn was a little sick this snow also, and keeping him indoors had him essentially tearing down walls. I am so impressed you have a tractor!

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of snow!! Thankfully, most of ours is melting now. We didn’t have nearly so much. Maybe 5 inches?

    I hope Gus gets better soon and you and Mike somehow manage to escape the germs. I’ve been opting to be mean mommy and avoid the indoor playgrounds lately. Too many germs out there at the moment. I’m not sure it helps though as we recently got over a tummy virus….. :/

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