The Best Day

Gus is a real chatterbox, and — as toddlers tend to do — he’s starting to say some pretty hilarious things.

If you ask him a question, he’ll put on finger over his lips, and hum, “hmmmmm…” before pointing in the air and shouting, “AHA!”

The other day I gave him a cup of cheeseballs to snack on in the car (a delicacy he rarely gets), and after a few minutes of constant crunching he stopped and said, “Mmmmm, sooo licious, Mom!”

He routinely greets us with bear hugs, while screaming, “Good to see you!” and lately he’s been on a “Nice to meet you!” kick, complete with shaking hands. Last night, in the tub, he looked up at me and said, “Nice to meet you, nose!” and then he reached over and shook my nose.

Tonight he crawled up into my lap, poked my cheek and said, “Gus likes Mommy’s face!” and a few minutes later while I was bending over, he said, “Cool butt, Mom.”

But the best, the greatest, the most amazing so far was tonight, right after dinner, when he reached over to me to pick him up, and told us, “Gus loves Mommy!”

Then five minutes later, he loudly announced that he loves Nose, his new giant dinosaur pillow.

But I was first! Get in line, Nose!


6 thoughts on “The Best Day

  1. Lol….so cute! There is a child actor I think Gus will look like when he is a little older. don’t know the boy’s name, but he’s in the movie “nanny McPhee” (thanks Karo & grandmother). I think his character is named simon😋

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