Christmas Recap

Gus had an overwhelming Christmas Eve, with lots of family, and NO nap, which meant a long whiny night for all of us, and a late start this morning.

But when we did finally get up, oh man, was this kid SO EXCITED (complete with a little toe-tapping shimmy over to the tree!) to see what Santa brought him while he slept.

His initial favorite (and by bedtime we’d circled back to them again) were the play mop, broom, and dust pan I technically bought him for his birthday, and then forgot about.

We eventually moved on to his Shiny new shopping cart, and all his new play food, which he took out one. at. a. time. and pretended to eat.

Then all of that was thrown aside when the trains were unwrapped. 

The trains were top dog for a while too, until, well, the dogs and other various animals showed up.

Then we loaded all our new animal BFFs up, and took a ride in his new wagon (courtesy of his grandparents) still in his PJs, (courtesy of the gross, humid heatwave we’re having).

Family brunch, home for a nap, and then back out for family dinner, and we’re all ready for bed (and Gus is finally asleep) … with the air conditioning on. 


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