Holiday Traditions

Last year my family got all the kids together and we decorated Gingerbread Houses. This year, we did it again over the weekend.

Last year Gus wasn’t interested, and this year it was 70 degrees out and all he wanted to do was run around and eat candy, so those masterpieces are all mine.

Last year, after we made Gingerbread Houses, we all had dinner and ice cream sundaes. This year my cousin and I just skipped straight to the good stuff.

And last year, Gus was not a fan of Santa. This year — you guessed it! — was no exception.


7 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

    • His reaction was so horrible: picture like silent, drawing in breath for screaming for like a minute. The photographer was like, “what should I do?!” And I was like “TAKE MORE PICTURES!”

      And what KILLS me is as soon as I picked him up, he turns around and says, “thanks Santa!”

  1. Omg! Lolololol! Firstly, I am honored to have Gus and santa’s photos up this holiday; you can almost hear that “jolly old elf” trying to soothe the little dude. Secondly, u and the cuz look like Ben & Bjorn at thanksgiving. Love ya! Also your gingerbread houses are professional. Xo-kris

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