Home Sweet Home

I spent a nice chunk of time tonight writing about my recent cross-country trip for my friend’s wedding in Wine Country.

And then it just – poof! – disappeared!

And now I can’t remember what I wrote, and I’m grumpy, and I’m afraid it’s going to happen again, so, highlights and pictures it is!

I ❤️ San Francisco.

A well-meaning (and hopefully legally blind) woman asked if I was my friend’s MOTHER.

I left my actual child at home with Dad and Nana, and he was totes fine without me (😢) but was SUPER excited to see me when I got home (😍)

I ate, and drank, so many amazing things.

Speaking of drinking, we maybe almost sort-of got kicked out of our hotel room.

My wonderful friend married a wonderful man.


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Just today my wife was supposed to bring Thai food home from SF after work. 😦 didn’t happen! Ugh. Lol. I wish I knew you were out here. We would have loved to meet you!! Yay for being back at home with Gus. & double yay for being almost kicked out your hotel, sounds like fun. Lol.

  2. Oh & if you were in San Francisco when it happened DEFINITELY don’t feel bad. When we lived there a man outside of Safeway asked if I was my wife’s mother. Mind you I’m 3 years younger than her and I was only 21 at the time. Lmao.

  3. lollolololololol!!!! what the hell??!! that is hysterical! i love you guys so much and speaking of progeny: i had my second son! he is amazing! the whole experience was amazing. and his name is Lars Wilhelm. love you!!! xoxoxo-kmac

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