I want more babies.


The plan was always for two kids, if we were lucky โ€“ maybe even three given everything we’ve gone through so far (or if twins ever come along). Mike always said he wanted them to be about four years apart.

Then it took almost two years just to get, and stay, pregnant. And that was before the gestational hypertension and diabetes. On top of the clotting issues, and RPL history. Not to mention the (minor, thankfully) placental abruption, borderline IUGR, and the emergency c-section.

Geez. When you put it that way, it sounds terrifying.

The bottom line is: my 34-year-old baby maker can’t wait two more years. Or maybe it can, but it doesn’t want to.

And so the plan is to wait until after the holidays, and then get the ball rolling for a frozen embryo transfer. Granted, I’ve never had a two-year-old before, so I may end up eating those words, but it seems like a good idea on paper: Spend quality time with baby #1, but not so long that my already questionable reproductive system craps out on me.

The good news? For once in my life, my ovaries were over-achievers. I have 11 frozen embryos left. So many people struggle to get just a fraction of what we have, so I know how unbelievably lucky we are.

Do I want 11 more kids? While it would make for an amazing reality show (complete with faaabulous gay BFF nanny), no. No, I do not.

But I don’t expect all 11 to survive the thaw, when the time comes. And who knows if we’ll have the same early issues we had before. And when we got pregnant with Gus, we’d opted to transfer two embryos, and obviously only one took. So, 11 doesn’t necessarily equal 11. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m hoping to get in to see my RE and my Hematologist in the next few weeks to get my ducks in a row/baseline tests/protocols and prescriptions in place so we can start (hopefully) in January.

And so I’ll get to spend yet another holiday season avoiding all my favorite things: sugar, gluten, alcohol, and caffiene.

Starting after Halloween.

And my friend’s wedding in Wine Country, obviously.


7 thoughts on “#2

  1. We have 8 left and I have similar thoughts. I’m not sure we will go back for a transfer and sometimes I feel bad for not wanting to do the whole treatment route again when our first IVF took and we had 8 embryos left, because so many had it so much worse. Infertile first world problems? At any rate, sending positive vibes for your transfer!

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