In preparation for my upcoming cross-country travel plans, I decided to sleep train Gus, and then start weaning.

He’s only nursed at naptime and bedtime for, well, a really long time. I can’t even remember when we dropped the morning session, but it was a long time ago. He’s been down to twice a day ever since we dropped his second nap, and there were plenty of times he’d nap in the car if we were out and about, and just nurse at bedtime that day.

I wanted to give him at least a month to adjust to his new sleeping arrangements before I changed anything else, and I decided to drop the bedtime session first, since he got to a point where he would stop nursing on his own and ask to go “night-night.”

I started five days ago. He still asks for milk, but I just give him a cup of juice-water and we sing Old McDonald (“I-O?!”) until he asks to go to bed.

Naptime was a different story, and there was always a lot of crying when I told him it was time to stop nursing and lay down.

Until today.

After probably less than 30 seconds of nursing, he asked for juice and night-night at naptime. I, of course, had no juice to give him, so I laid him down and he was like, “bye mom,” and then he woke up three hours later.

So amazed. So proud.

I thought I’d be sad about weaning, but I’m not. I AM super proud of myself for nursing a week shy of two years though. When I think back to the very horrible beginning when I just wanted to make it to six weeks, then six months, then a year — I can’t believe we did it as long as we did.

And I’m super proud of this almost two-year-old who has taken all these new changes in stride, like such a big boy.


6 thoughts on “Weaned?!

  1. That’s so awesome. I’m amazed. My girl is so in love with nursing (and I am too honestly) that I feel like nursing is going to be traumatic. I really want her to be that kid who at 15 months or sometime after a year is like “hmm. Ok. I’m done” so that there’s no anguish. But I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

    • I never, ever thought Gus would do that either. I was dreading doing it, but I was definitely ready to be done (and I LOVED nursing him once we got all the kinks worked out). I’m shocked it’s gone as smoothly as it has!

  2. This is encouraging! Sabine is 27 months and still nursing morning and night. There is no milk left in one boob and VERY little in the other so it’s mostly dry nursing, which is not comfortable for Mama. I’m starting to think about the end but am still hoping she’ll make the call. It’s becoming more obvious, though, that she will not 🙂

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