New House Chronicles: We Live Here Now

We’ve lived in our new house for a few months now. I’ve just dropped the ball posting updates and pictures because:

Moving sucks.
Moving twice (my mom moved in with us) double sucks.
We went on vacation (which also sort of sucked).
Our new fridge didn’t fit in the new kitchen, and sat in the middle of the floor for six weeks, which — you guessed it! — also sucked!
I was dreading obsessed with focused on sleep training Gus.
We ordered a bunch of new furniture, and some of it took forevvvver to get here.

But! All those things are mostly fixed now! (By mostly, I mean there are stacks and stacks and stacks of boxes in our basement that I need to deal with eventually, but not before my mom’s addition is finished next spring. And then we need to move her in there. So, more moving, more boxes, more sucking.)

Boxes are unpacked or hidden. The fridge is finally where the fridge is supposed to be. We went on another/better mini-vacation in September. Gus sleeps through the night, in his room (and now we’re working on weaning!) The last of our new furniture was delivered last week and this morning and I loooooooove it so much.

And so, here are pictures (finally).

Remember when the kitchen looked like this?


Well, now it looks like this:


In July we asked our movers to take our old dining table right to the basement, because it was too small for the new kitchen, but too heavy for us to easily move later. So for almost three months we used my old Ikea kitchen table that seats four. I knew I was going to buy a new table and chairs, I just wasn’t sure what to buy.

Last week our new table was delivered, which easily seats 8-10.


We’re currently using a mish-mash of chairs and benches until we can decide which new chairs to buy. I still want metal chairs, but Mike hates them more than anything else in the world, and so the search continues.

Remember when the stairs looked like this?


Now they look like this:


And our family room, which I don’t have a lot of before pictures of, finally has furniture in it! And a new rug!


The coffee table and chairs just came this morning (we ordered them in August) and I love them so much.

We still have plans to put in some built-in shelves/media space behind the grey chairs, but aside from that the main floor of our house is pretty much done. I’m thrilled all the furniture is finally here, and that we have it in time for Gus’ birthday party in a few weeks.


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