Sleep, Glorious Sleep

The last few nights, Gus has slept in his room, and I’ve slept in mine.

I’d honestly forgotten what it’s like to sleep however I want, rolling over anytime I please, and not pinned under 25 pounds (which doesn’t sound like much, but after a few hours it gets plenty uncomfortable, trust me). And don’t even get me started on turning up the brightness on my phone?! Whaaattttt?!!

He’s also napping in his crib, leaving me with plenty of time to take care of my chores. And by “chores,” I obviously mean “stuff my face and watch TV.”

I’m so proud of him (and me, haha). I honestly didn’t expect him to make so much progress so quickly.

(Of course, as soon as I got him into his own bed, I hurt my back. So where am I sleeping? Propped up in a recliner, naturally. One of these days I’ll get to enjoy my big ‘ole bed again.) 


3 thoughts on “Sleep, Glorious Sleep

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