Sleep Training: Progress 2.0


I’m sorry. But I know I’m not the only one out there who’s still sharing a bed with a toddler (we all come creeping out of the woodwork as soon as we find out someone else co-sleeps) … who may not want to anymore.

Last night was SO MUCH BETTER.

Gus nursed to sleep, like he usually does, (which I expected, since he didn’t nap at all yesterday, after sleeping until 10am) and I was able to easily transfer him to his crib. He slept from 9 to 12:30, and when he woke up he asked me for his stuffed animals (the checklist is growing by the day: duck? george? cow? elephant?) and I turned on his nightlight so he could see where they were.

He said, “night night?” and laid back down, and went to sleep.

I, giddy with excitement and relief, laid there for a while staring at the ceiling in disbelief.

He woke up again at 4, more insistent on getting out of the crib. I opted to pick him up and hold him, but I did it from a sitting position and was sort of stuck. I decided to lay down with him, and then transfer him back to the crib in a few minutes — and then I fell asleep. Ha.

So we woke up at 8, and everyone was happy.

He slept seven straight hours in the crib, without a peep. I’m counting it as a win.

Today, I planned to get him down for a nap in the crib as well. After nursing to sleep again, he screamed bloody murder as soon as I laid him down.

I tried again a few more times, until he laid there awake, but calm. I told him I’d be back in a bit, and I could hear him in there laughing and talking to his animals. So, I decided I’d go get him once he called for me. 

I put the laundry away, cleaned up the playroom, and played some Super Mario 3D World. 

Ninety minutes later, and he was still in there just, lounging and playing, so I thought, “OK, I’ll go get him in a few minutes.”

And wouldn’t you know it? Ten minutes later, he was sound asleep.

Was it perfect? No. But it’s the first time that kid has EVER taken a nap that didn’t involve a ride in the car, or sleeping in my arms.

We’re getting there!


One thought on “Sleep Training: Progress 2.0

  1. Tru does the same thing with talking and playing in his crib before falling asleep. Sometimes he does it when he wakes up too. I figure if he’s happy….

    Glad you’re making progress. I’m currently doing CIO with Levi at nap time. It’s a hoot! :/

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