Opening Up Shop

I’m getting ready to re-open my Etsy shop after what feels like the longest break, ever.

I’ve been updating some of my most popular items, and getting rid of the least popular. What I’m most excited about are the newest additions, and that’s where you come in.

I had a few ideas already for new prints, but I’d really like some feedback about favorite quotes, favorite color combinations. Or any other sort of design elements you’d want to include in your child’s room, or that you’d want to give to friends or family.

Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated, and as a thank you, I’ll send you a free printable 5×7 design! Make sure you leave me an email address in the comments, or email me at spiteorflight[at]


6 thoughts on “Opening Up Shop

  1. I love the poem “I carry your heart” by e.e. cummings and wanted the first few lines for Charlie’s room. I eventually found one I liked but there weren’t a lot out there. It was in our wedding and it’s so sweet. I also had a custom large quote done by makewells on etsy of the Milne quote “if ever there’s a tomorrow we’re not together….”

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