Table & Chairs Shopping

For the last few years, I’ve dreamed of the day we had a kitchen or a dining room large enough for a giant farmhouse-style table.

Now that we’re moving to a new house, I finally have the space to get one. And while there’s nothing really wrong with our current table and chairs, they’re a little too small for our new kitchen, and well, I want a new table so, I’m virtually window shopping.

I’ve narrowed my table search down as far as style goes, and I’m hoping to get lucky at a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware outlet (thankfully I live about a hour or so from one of each) and find something like this, this or this. If that doesn’t work out, my backup is this table from Home Decorators Collection, which has a matching bench.

My real problem is the chairs.

Mike & I both like the idea of a bench along one side of the new table, so I’ll need four/probably five new chairs for the new morning room.

In a perfect world, with a perfect budget, I’d get tufted and upholstered chairs. 

But, it’s not a perfect world, and at $250 a pop, these chairs are an investment I’m not sure I’m willing to make. With a sticky, rambunctious toddler, two dogs with poor table manners, and a mother prone to spilling her red wine, I don’t think upholstered chairs are terribly practical.

A slightly more affordable option would be an upholstered parsons chair, and while that saves me some money, it won’t solve my baby/dog/wine problem.

My second choice would be a metal bistro style chair. I personally love the mix of styles and textures (I blame Chip & Joanna Gaines) but Mike is adamantly opposed to a metal chair. 

They’d be light, and durable, and I wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining them too much. I’m hoping I can swing Mike in this direction, but if not — we move on to wooden chairs.

I like the idea of a painted wooden chair, that way we don’t have to worry about matching the stain on the table and the bench. Plus, if I can get Mike on board, it’s a good opportunity to add a pop of color.

For our predominantly white and gray kitchen, the blue chairs are my favorite, fingers crossed Mike agrees.


7 thoughts on “Table & Chairs Shopping

  1. Wow! I have to be honest, I like the second one- but I know it’s not practical. I’d destroy those the first week! The next one I really like is the painted wood ones with a pop of color! That would look awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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