New House Chronicles: Kind of Homeless

Today we sold our old house.


The house we bought right after we got married. The house we brought our second (cute and annoying) little dog home to two months after we moved in.

The house where we entertained friends and family at our annual pool parties, and countless backyard barbecues.


The house we where brought our first baby home. Where he learned to crawl, and laugh, and where he started talking. Where he celebrated his first birthday and holidays.

It’s also the house where Mike got attacked by hornets. Where we’d suffer through freezing or sweltering temperatures, with no power for weeks at a time after bad storms.

Where countless frogs and chipmunks and the occasional squirrel battled with that beautiful pool, and almost always lost. This is in addition to the animals the dogs sometimes murdered. And the other dead animals foxes and owls (I assume, anyway) dropped in our yard for me to dispose of.

So, I’m a little sad to be leaving. We did have a lot of fun in that house. But I’m not as sad as I was when we left our first house, or as I was when my family left my childhood home.

Maybe it’s because soon, everything will be new and shiny and covered by a warranty. Or because our power lines will be buried, and hopefully I can kiss long-term power outages goodbye.

Maybe it’s because I know Gus won’t remember that house. All his memories will be of our new house, the friends he’ll meet living there, and the games we play in our new, better, yard.

Maybe it’s because moving sucks. And moving with a toddler is ten times harder. Maybe I’ll be sadder once everything settles down.

I think it helps that the people who are buying our house are really nice, and are really excited about living there. And their kids are so excited about having a pool. And they told us it was their “forever home.” 

But wait, you said something about being homeless?

Right. Yes.

The new house still isn’t finished. It does, however, finally have electricity, so hopefully it should only be another two or three weeks before we can move in.

Until then we’re staying with Mike’s parents, who are thrilled about Gus being here (the dogs? not so much) and ohmygod I forgot how nice it is to live five minutes away from a Target.


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