New House Chronicles: Details and Delays

Our kitchen is coming along, and they’ve installed our countertops!


Mike’s favorite space from the beginning (at least theoretically, based on the blueprints) has been the small butler’s pantry between the kitchen and dining room. Seeing it come together, I find it hard to argue with him (even though my heart belongs to the kitchen).


They’re in the process of bringing the surrounding yard up to final grade, and we went for a little walk around our lot the last time we were there.


Our bathrooms are tiled, but toiletless, and difficult to photograph without any lights.

Speaking of lights, they’re all mostly installed too. There’s just no actual electricity yet.

We were supposed to have power two days ago. Now, they say it should be the end of next week. At this point in the process, progress on the inside grinds to a screeching halt without electricity. Our builder and project manager are at the mercy of the electric company.

So we cross our fingers, and we wait.

Meanwhile our current house is under contract! We settle in a month (and we’ve packed a whopping 12 boxes!) and I really, really hope we won’t be (temporarily at least) homeless.

Add to that a teething toddler who occasionally refuses to nap, and I’m not stressed out at all.


3 thoughts on “New House Chronicles: Details and Delays

  1. Your house is coming along amazing & those countertops are super awesome. Sorry you are having such a hard time with your electricity company. We had a long wait when we moved in so although are things were in our house we didn’t move in for another few days. I’ll be praying for yall : )

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