First Flight ✈️

Today Gus went on his first flight, and considering he’s teething AND only took a 40 minute nap on the way to the airport, he did amazingly well.

He had a small meltdown about halfway through our two and a half hour flight, and nursing an overtired fidgety toddler wedged between your husband and the carseat isn’t much of a picnic, but it bought us enough time until we landed.

I also have the sinus infection that will. not. end. So that made flying a real treat.

Other fun things that happened: TWO diapers leaked, leaving Gus with soaking wet pants, 👎. The flight crew gave us a First Flight certificate, signed by the pilots 👍!

In the end we made it to Kansas, safe and sound, and ready to celebrate Mike’s grandparents 60th (!) wedding anniversary!


2 thoughts on “First Flight ✈️

  1. Hey there! I’m planning on taking our (then) 10 month old on his first flight in June from Missouri to British Columbia. Any tips on flying with a wee one?

    • Try to fly at naptime if you can. We also had new toys and favorite snacks in heavy rotation, and my inlaws paid for a seat for him so we had his car seat with us on the plane. If your baby sleeps well in a carrier (Gus does, our timing was just off) you can try wearing him for part of the flight/letting him sleep on your chest.

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