Eighteen Months

After a year and a half, we’ve found a routine that works well for all of us, even though there are still days when I expect Gus to zig and, boom!, he zags. Despite a few unbearable tantrums and meltdowns, I don’t think we’ve hit full-on terrible twos quite yet, and (I know everyone says this about every age) but this really is my favorite age so far. He’s learning so much, and he’s SO. CLOSE. to talking for real, and he is genuinely funny and so sweet.


Height & Weight: 21 pounds, six ounces and 31.8 inches (so, still a stringbean).

Likes: We’ve been drawing on our kitchen chalkboard more and more, and he rarely tries to eat the chalk anymore! He loves to “help” with the laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher. We went back to the Aquarium a few weeks ago, and now that he’s mobile and tall enough to see most of the exhibits on his own, he was totally fascinated.

Dislikes: Nose/face wiping and diaper changes are the worst, as far as Gus is concerned.

Sleep: Consistently sleeping 10-12 hours at night, and one 1-2 hour nap during the day. He’s been talking in his sleep more and more, and a few weeks ago he sat up and just started clapping before laying back down, still asleep.

Eating: Gus has a limited tolerance for his highchair. Some days he’ll last 25-30 minutes, others he’s screaming to get down after five. I used to assume he wasn’t hungry, but one day he wanted out before eating a single bite, so I took his plate over to the coffee table, and once he was allowed to come and go as he pleased, he ate everything (which is unheard of!) so now that’s how we end every meal. I know all the books say to feed them only at the table, but I figured actually eating was preferable to not eating at all. (full disclosure: I usually take away anything that would be a nightmare to clean up in there, because our house is on the market, plus I have dogs who will find and eat anything I miss.) Now that we let him graze, I feel like he’s eating a lot more.

Clothes: 18-24 months, size 4 diapers.

New Tricks: Dog, cat, cow, lion, monkey and duck sounds. Knows eyes, ears (in addition to nose, mouth, belly and feet). He also recently mastered the slide at the playground.

Teeth: No canines yet. Tooth talley: 12

Night night
Gus Gus
Nose (nana)
*Quack (Mmmmmmaaaaaaa!)
*Daisy, no! (Obviously I’m yelling at the dogs a lot)
*Roar (whispers Raaaaaaaa!)
*Monkey sounds (Eee Eee Ooo Ooo!)
*This/That (dat)

*new this month



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