Picture Taking Debacles/Success

The first few times we took Gus to have his pictures taken professionally, I was STRESSED OUT.

A lot of it had to do with wanting the pictures to be perfect. Also, we were doing some family shots as well, so I was worried about my hair and makeup and our outfits, and not looking like I’d just had a baby six months prior.

Also, it was hot as hell in that photo studio (which just made me sweaty, which made my hair gross, which made me angry). Plus, we had an appointment, and they were running behind (the worst/even angrier).

Anyway, the pictures turned out great, and we went back several times after that for birthday and Christmas pictures.

And while I wasn’t AS stressed those times, I was a little stressed, because 1) perfection, and 2) impatience.

In retrospect, however, I was an idiot. Because at all those other photo shoots, my adorable baby was mostly immobile.

Fast forward to last week, and I was already too late for Easter pictures (I had an appointment scheduled but forgot I had jury duty that week, so I figured eh, close enough, he looks the same) and despite going in the middle of the week, they were still running behind.

The child has NO PATIENCE.
The child HATES the stroller.
The child has discovered RUNNING.
The child can only be bribed with so many goldfish crackers.

It was finally our turn, and our assigned photographer was very nice, but super intimidating. Big, burly, deep voice, strange man – basically every toddlers worst nightmare.

Gus was inconsolable, and permanently attached to my midsection. The photographer’s solution to this problem was to get in his face and whisper, “I’m gonna GET YA!”

I sort of wished I’d had someone to climb onto after that.

So we rescheduled again, for today.

And, amazingly, it was great.

Minimal waiting. Great pictures, and a lady photographer (Gus is a flirt, so that is obviously the way to go), and we planned a lunch break while all the proofs were edited for us to see.

I’m biased, obviously, but every picture was fantastic.


So, in the end, it was all ok – despite being legitimately stressful this time.

Out of curiosity, at what age can you say to a kid, “if you cooperate and take nice pictures, we can go get some ice cream?” Because I’m looking forward to whatever age that is.


7 thoughts on “Picture Taking Debacles/Success

  1. I think “… and then we’ll get ice creeaaaam!” coercion starts working around 3? But I can say for certain that it still works at 33…

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