Seventeen Months

If I had to sum up this last month in three words, they would be, “read this again.” Or, alternatively, “hide. that. book.”


Likes: Books, books, books! All of a sudden this kid can’t get enough of his books. He brings them to us all. day. long. As thrilled as I am he’s enjoying reading, I can only read ‘Are You A Cow?’ so many times before going insane. I also found these amazing BabyLit books at Costco a few weeks ago, and Gus loves them. Moby Dick is one of his current favorites (we also have Sherlock Holmes, The Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland).


Dislikes: Gus’ idea of a perfect day would probably consist of: 1) dumping the dogs water on the floor, 2) climbing up and down the stairs 400 times, and 3) affectionately beating the dogs with his drumsticks. Since I rarely allow him to do any of those things (occasionally I’ll indulge him and we go up and down and up and down the stairs) there are a lot of mini meltdowns.

Sleep: He’s pretty consistently down to one nap a day (I’ve pushed his morning nap back a bit and he sometimes naps, 2-3 hours) While he tends to get a little whiny later on if it’s a shorter nap, it’s been great for bedtime, he’s usually sound asleep pretty quickly.

Eating: This kid loves pickles. Salty sour dill pickles. He’s really into grapes and raisins, and really, any fruit. And he LOVES cottage cheese. I’ve been trying to feed him more of what we’re eating versus making him his own meals, it’s about 50/50 right now. And I made the mistake of letting him eat some chocolate, thinking he wouldn’t like it because it was pretty dark, but no. He loves dark chocolate.

Clothes: 18-24 months, size 4 diapers.

New Tricks: Imaginary Play! A few weeks ago, Gus pretended to scoop something out of a bucket, and then he would walk to me or Mike and put it in our hand, and he did it over and over again. He knows where his nose, mouth, belly, and feet are, and he’s been practicing walking backwards. He’s still mostly babbling, with a few words thrown in, but it’s becoming very conversational, and the few words he does use regularly are becoming more pronounced.

Teeth: His final first molar has (finally! Thank you, God!) broken through. Tooth talley: 12

Mama & Dada
Daisy (Dasa)
Jake (Jak)
Bye (Bah)
Hello (Nehneh – we think it means “hello,” he says it whenever the phone rings, and when he hands me the toy phone.)
Night night (Nye-nye)
Yay! (Yayayayayaya!)
Toot-toot! (Tootoo, and for whatever reason, every time he says it he pokes his own belly, and then cracks himself up)
Gus Gus
*Elmo (Momo! which also applies to Cookie Monster)
*Nose (nana)
*Uh-Oh! (He’s been mimicking the uh-oh sound for months, but he’s just started using it on his own, very clearly, and in the right context. He’ll drop things on purpose just so he can say it.)

*new this month



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