New House Chronicles: Good Foundations

Thanks to a break in the (not horrible, but definitely annoying) winter weather, our project manager was able to excavate and start pouring our foundation.

Here you can see the garage door bays, and what will eventually be the kitchen. This is where we plan to add my mom’s addition.

The back of the kitchen/morning room, family room, and steps out from the basement.

We also got the chance to drive up our eventual driveway, which is a straight shot from road up to our cul-de-sac .

Last week we replaced the hideous family room carpet. It’s something we’ve wanted to do since we moved in five years ago, and it just never happened. The old carpet was (I’m not kidding, the photo doesn’t do it justice) an old pink and purple shag that had turned an unfortunate shade of gray and brown over the years. The new carpet is lovely and soft, and another shining example of wtf were we waiting for?


Our current house is going on the market in a few days (interested?!), and I’m just about finished with downsizing, painting and staging (thank you, baby Jesus.) Now I just need to trick the baby into helping me keep it that way.


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