Sixteen Months


Likes: This kid is obsessed with bellies. His belly. My belly. Your belly. He wants to see it, he wants to poke it, and he wants to crack up about it. He’s starting to show more interest in his books, and will flip through the pages or ask you to read to him, as opposed to just chewing on them like before.

Dislikes: Gus despises the nosefrida, which is unfortunate for all of us during cold season.

Sleep: Nightmares are no joke. Coupled with ongoing teething and a cold, our nights have been less than restful, but it’s not every night, so I still can’t complain too much.

Eating: This boy is going to turn into a block of cheese, or a bowl of blueberries. He prefers to feed himself whenever possible, and has a fair amount of success with a fork.

Clothes: 18-24 months, size 4 diapers.

New Tricks: Legitimate kisses! With the mmmmwah! sound and everything. AND he’s starting to pucker up (as opposed to just licking us like before).

Teeth: One of first bottom molars has finally broken through, while the other hovers just below the surface, just mocking us. Tooth talley: 11

Mama & Dada
Daisy (Dasa)
Jake (Jak)
No (Nah)
Bye (Bah)
Hello (Nehneh – we think it means “hello,” he says it whenever the phone rings, and when he hands me the toy phone.)
Night-night (Nye-nye)
Yay! (Yayayayayaya!)
Toot-toot! (Tootoo, and for whatever reason, every time he says it he pokes his own belly, and then cracks himself up)
Gus Gus

*new this month


2 thoughts on “Sixteen Months

  1. So cute! Our little guy loves bellies too! He thinks it is so funny when he lifts my shirt to see my stomach and I stick it out! He has quite the vocab.

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