Master Bath Remodel

A few weeks ago we redid our very dated and uneven foyer floor, as part of our Things To Do Before We Sell The House checklist.

Alternatively known as the, God We’re Lazy: Why Didn’t We Do That Five Years Ago?! list.

That’s what I hate about the moving and buying/selling real estate process. You finally fix up all the little things you said you would, only to move, and someone else gets to enjoy it (or rip it out and start over again).

At least this time we’re moving into a brand new house, so I (hopefully) won’t have to update anything for a while.

The last two weeks our (teeny tiny*) master bath has been under construction.

It’s still teeny tiny, but at least everything is new and shiny, and perfect, and I can’t stop staring at it.


*excluding the shower our bathroom is about 20 square feet. Once you add a sink and a toilet, there isn’t much room for two people. Is it the smallest bathroom in the world? No. But now, at least, it’s the prettiest.


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