New House Chronicles: Bye Bye Trees

We’re in the process of building a new house, which I haven’t talked a lot about, only because it wasn’t officially set in stone.

But now?


Now, it’s official.

We periodically drive through our new neighborhood (which is only about five minutes away from our current house) to watch the other houses come together, and see if any of the neighboring lots have been sold.

Usually our lot is just sitting there, minding it’s own business, covered in trees.

Until last week!

We drove by last Saturday and noticed they’ve stared clearing some of the trees.

Now, before you’re like, but trees! nature! Mother Nature must be weeping!

They’re only clearing about a third of the lot, and the rest of the trees are all protected by forest conservation, and can never, ever, be cut down.


Initially, from the car, it sort of looked like maybe a dozen or so trees? I snapped a quick picture, since Gus was sleeping in the back, and we headed home.


The next day, while Gus was with his grandparents, Mike and I went back and walked around on the lot.

1) It was more than a dozen trees.
2) I’m terrible at estimating things like that.
3) See that little stack of tree trunks, off to the right? Here’s a closer shot, with Mike posing for some perspective.


We’re scheduled to break ground in another week or two, and I’m excited to watch our new (and last!) house come together over the next few months!


5 thoughts on “New House Chronicles: Bye Bye Trees

  1. We are building with Ryan Homes too. Which model are you doing? I wish we had trees on our lot but it was in a neighborhood that was started by another company several years ago so the lots are all cleared. Hopefully someday we will have tree lined streets. Congratulations to you.

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