Fifteen Months

This month Gus mastered walking (and now running doesn’t seem too far off), got his first haircut (which he despised), and talkstalkstalkstalks all day (but we mostly have no idea what he’s saying).


Height & Weight: 21 pounds, and 31 inches. #stringbean

Likes: While Gus still plays with a lot of his birthday and Christmas presents throughout the day, the thing he plays with the most is one of his father’s belts that he found in a laundry basket. He loooooves Sesame Street (particularly Grover and Elmo), The Octonauts, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. While I hate occasionally relying on the TV, it does buy me some time to grab a shower, and get some chores and some packing done. I can’t wait until we’re moved and unpacked all over again.

Dislikes: Like sands through the hourglass, toddlers don’t like to be told, “no.” Lately we’ve seen some really dramatic reactions when Gus is told no, or we have to take something away from him. In particular, he’ll burry his face in his hands and cry, or throw his head back and scream silently before wailing.

Sleep: As long as he’s not actively teething, this kid sleeps like a champ. He’s been talking in his sleep too, which is just adorable.

Eating: Bananas about bananas, and still obsessed with blueberries. Would eat his weight in cheese and avocado if possible. Earths Best fruit bars are his favorite too. Gus can feed himself with a spoon as long as I load it up for him, but he loves feeding himself with a fork, and he’s getting pretty good at it.

Clothes: 18-24m for length, even though the waists are too big. He can still wear 12-18m stuff as long as they’re separates.

New Tricks: On Christmas Eve, Gus started legitimately walking, and now he walks everywhere. He even tries to chase the dogs (albeit very slowly), He consistently waves hello and goodbye, even if he sees someone wave on TV, or hears someone say one or the other. He also says hello (which for him is, “nehneh!”) whenever he hears a phone ring. He currently thinks fart sounds and the word “doh!” are hilaaaarious.

Teeth: Oh brother. Two months ago I was convinced this kid would never have teeth, and then his mouth exploded. The front four are all in on the top and bottom and his top first molars have broken through. The bottom molars are not too far behind, I don’t think. Tooth tally: 10.

Mama & Dada
Daisy (Dasa)
Jake (Jak)
No (Nah)
Bye (Bah)
Hello (Nehneh – we think it means “hello,” he says it whenever the phone rings, and when he hands me the toy phone.)
*Night-night (Nye-nye)
*Yay! (Yayayayayaya!)
*Toot-toot! (Tootoo, and for whatever reason, every time he says it he pokes his own belly, and then cracks himself up)
*Gus Gus

*new this month



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