Fancier Foyer Floor

Alternately titled: Why Didn’t You Do This Five Years Ago?

The foyer is one of my least favorite spaces in our house.

The floor was uneven (five years later, and I’m still not sure why), the railings to the second floor are old and metal, and look like they should be outside, and the old linoleum was dark green, and shiny (but also dull?!).

The uneven floor drove me nuts. The previous owners just added another metal threshold cover, so it was awkwardly in the middle of the floor.

Now that we’re building a new house and getting ready to put our house on the market, we decided to update the foyer space with new (even!) floors.

We didn’t do the work ourselves, but watching the new floor go down, I’m sure we could have handled it with a little practice. I decided to leave matching and leveling the subfloors to a professional too.

Our contractor recommended a vinyl tile product, which we found at Home Depot and I’m so happy with the final product.

We toyed with the idea of updating the banisters as well, but it ended up being way more than we expected.


The new floor makes such a huge difference. I wish we did it a long time ago, but at least we get to enjoy it for a few months.

Next up: a Master Bathroom remodel!


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