New Year’s Resolutions

I’m the type of person who likes making lists, and always waits to start a diet on a Monday (so I can research, and shop, and weigh in the following weekend), so naturally I love New Years Resolutions.

Get ready for some cliche and obligatory goals, folks!

#1 (and everybody’s favorite!) – Lose Weight (…again)

Only this time, I’m going to try to do things a little differently. One of my biggest saboteurs is, kind of ironically, the scale.

Say I weigh myself on a Wednesday and I’ve lost 2.5 pounds. Then I weigh in again on Friday and gained a half-pound back. Instead of being excited about losing two pounds, I just dwell on the half-pound I regained, and then say, WTF let’s eat a whole pizza.

So, this time, no scale. At least not regularly. I’ll weigh myself to start, and probably take some measurements, but after that I’ll only step on the scale once a month.

I’m also going to try to take it easy on myself. I’ve got a toddler, and a life, and a house to sell (see #3) so every meal is not going to be perfect. In the past, one bad dinner on a Monday was enough to get me to throw in the towel for the rest of the week, but (hopefully) not anymore.

I’m also going to make a serious effort to avoid all artificial sweeteners, which means saying goodbye to my beloved Coke Zero. But it’s time. I’ve done it before, and will need to do it again (see #4) and there’s no better time than January 1st to get started.

I would also love to attempt a Whole30, but I’m just not ready yet. It’s a little intimidating to think about, but I’m hoping I’ll get there eventually.

And, obviously, I need to exercise more. Lifting and carrying a toddler counts for something (and my arms aren’t too shabby) but it’s not enough. I want to get out and walk with him, a few times a week, as long as it’s dry and not polar vortex-y.

#2 – Go On Adventures

Yes, Gus and I get out of the house a lot now (something I thought would never happen right after he was born) but it’s usually to do regular old boring things like buy groceries, or run errands.

We’re very lucky to have memberships to our local zoo and aquarium, thanks to my in-laws, so I’d like to spend more time at each, even if it’s just me and Gus on a weekday.

We went to the weekly story time at our local library a few times last year, but they usually coincided with Gus’ morning nap, so we haven’t been in months. Now that his schedule has shifted a bit, I’d like to go back once a week.

I eventually want to sign us up for a swim class, I’m just not sure where to go (Baltimore moms, any suggestions?)

#3 – Downsize, Declutter, Organize and Clean This House (then keep it that way)

We’re in the process of building a new house (yay!), which could be ready any time between May–July, so we have to get our house on the market in the next few weeks.

Of course, my house is a disaster. Toys are everywhere. Piles of (clean, mind you!) laundry are routinely abandoned and picked through. Christmas gifts are piled up around the tree I need to take down ASAP.

On-going baby-proofing as Gus gets taller, more mobile, and figures out he can climb up onto things means stuff is hastily moved higher and higher, or into other rooms where it doesn’t really belong.

So I need to get organized, get what we can live without packed up and donated or into storage. And I need to stay on top of things so we can show the house if we need to.

#4 – Get Back in the Stirrups for Baby #2

Part of the drive to get in shape, is so we can try to get pregnant again later this year. I’m already at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, and blood pressure issues since I developed both in my last pregnancy. Not to mention all the hoops I have to jump through to get/stay pregnant in the first place.

Last time it was a combination of going gluten free, minimal/organic dairy, cutting caffeine and artificial sweeteners, and you know, a team of highly trained scientists that did the trick, so I want to stack the deck in our favor this go-round too.

So, if I want to be pregnant in the fall, I have to get the ball rolling in the summer, but probably start with a bunch of tests and meet with all the doctors to come up with game plan in the spring, but they’re all so busy and important!, I should probably call for an appointment, uhhh, yesterday. #pregnancymath

Happy New Year!


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