Fourteen Months

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away. I remember thinking Christmas was really stressful last year, with a newborn (I only decorated the tree, and our front window, and the mantel that year).

Boy was I an idiot.

Was I sleep deprived, and still healing from a csection? Yes, sir. But I could just sit my little blobby baby anywhere while I got some stuff done. This year I barely decorated the tree. No stockings. No front window. Nothing that involved getting boxes out of the attic, or glitter, or anything at baby’s hand- or eye- or foot- or mouth-level. He’s cute, but mobile!, and the reason momma can’t have nice (pretty, glassy, sparkly, etc.) things (that’s aren’t on the top of a bookshelf).


Likes: Climbing up or onto whatever he can reach. The music table. His activity cube. The stairs. Our bodies. Off the sofa, and onto the end tables. He’s obsessed with his belly, and will pull his shirt up or over his head so that he can play with it, or poke-poke-poke. He loves to crawl under the dining room table, a push all the chairs around the room, one at a time.

Dislikes: Sitting in his highchair a second longer than necessary. Being told “no.” He gets particularly frustrated when I don’t understand what he’s asking for, which results in lots of pointing (me) and screaming (him).

Sleep: Nighttime has been going surprisingly well, despite all of use trading colds back and forth, and some new teeth coming in. Gus usually sleeps from 9 to 7/8. He will occasionally fight one of his naps, so most days he naps twice, but lately there have been a few days when he’s napped once.

Eating: Three full meals and some snacks in between. He still nurses for naps, and at bedtime. I’ve been nursing in the mornings, but I’m sure I could drop that by now. He is not a fan of cows milk at all, but he does like cheese and yogurt, so I’m not too worried about it. He also really likes cheese curls and Berger cookies (#motheroftheyear). He’s currently obsessed with blueberries, and throwing food to the dogs.

Clothes: 12-18 or 18m.

New Tricks: Sticking his tongue out while concentrating. Waving and saying bye-bye. Climbing down from the bed and the furniture, climbing down the stairs (with help, obviously). And a few weeks ago, he took his first steps! He’s still not walking a lot, but he takes a few steps every day. He’s also been barking like a dog, whenever he sees or hears one outside, for a while now, but now he does it if he sees one on TV, even if it’s a cartoon (namely Goofy and Pluto). Talking on the “phone,” which could be anything from an actual phone, to a spatula.

Teeth: One more on the top broke through a few weeks ago, and another is thiiiiiiisssss close on the bottom. Tooth tally: 7.

Mama & Dada
Daisy (Dasa)
Jake (Jak)
No (Nah)
Bye (Bah)
Hello (Nehneh – we think it means “hello,” he says it whenever the phone rings, and when he hands me the toy phone)


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