Ho Ho Home

Tonight Gus and I were invited to my family’s annual Gingerbread House decorating party.

I was perfectly happy to eat pizza (and, let’s be honest – candy) while all my nieces and cousins decorated their little cookie houses, so I was really excited when I found out they had one for Gus too.

Since he was busy climbing up and down the stairs and dismantling the Christmas tree, I took it upon myself to decorate his house for him.


“That looks really good,” my cousin told me while my house sat between those belonging to 2–5 year-olds.

Well, it should. I’m 33.

I want to decorate gingerbread houses for a living. Is that a thing?

I also got our Christmas tree up and decorated (sort of).

I wasn’t thrilled about just decorating the top half, where Gus couldn’t reach. Despite rarely putting the laundry away, and having dusty ceiling fan blades, and whatever else I don’t do that drives my mother insane – a half decorated tree would make me crazy.

So I quickly grabbed the leftover, mostly baby-proofed decorations from Gus’ birthday party, and got to wrapping.


It’s no where near as fancy or festive as I’d like, but start to finish was about 20 minutes, and that’s OK by me.

We also had Gus’ Christmas pictures taken earlier this week, and while I can’t show you my absolute favorite until I mail my Christmas cards, I can show you some others.


While we were at the mall for pictures, we also stopped by to see Santa…


…which did not go well at all.


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