Thirteen Months

The first year was the fastest (and sometimes painfully slowest) year, ever. I don’t know if it was the buildup to Gus’ first birthday or what, but the last four weeks have seemed to slow down a bit. Like, I sort of forgot to post this and take his picture last week…

Likes: Climbing on top of everything, Pocoyo, Playing with his new birthday toys (especially his drums and his music table, and his Melissa & Doug puzzles).

Dislikes: He’s great at climbing up on things, but getting down is still an issue from some higher spots (our bed, the couch, etc.) I no longer feel compelled to sit six inches from him while he climbs up and down from our small window-seat, so that’s progress!

Sleep: Those top teeth are finallllllly coming through, so some nights he’ll need some extra tylenol, but normally settles back down without any nursing. We even had a string of nights where he’d nurse, and then want to play some more, but ultimately laid down and slept, as opposed to nursing to sleep which has always been the norm.

Eating: Three solid meals a day, and nursing three or four times a day. He’s been eating hidden dairy (baked goods, etc.), yogurt, and some cheese without any issues. He’s had tastes of ice cream, and cheesecake too. Next up: real milk, and some peanut butter! Currently obsessed with cheese, graham crackers, broccoli, and whatever we’re eating.

Clothes: 12 or 18m fits him perfectly (even though I’m pretty sure he still has a 9m waist).

New Tricks: He’s mastered climbing down from things feet first, he just doesn’t always know how far he’s got to go. He’s mimicking us more and more, and he’s not walking yet but he’s standing totally independently for longer and longer.

Teeth: Three of his top teeth have finally broken through! And I’ve been so busy watching those top teeth, another one snuck through on the bottom. Tooth tally: 6!

Disclaimer: that’s not a bruise, I just need a new camera lens, apparently.


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