Mr. Baby Goes to the Aquarium

This weekend we took Gus to the Aquarium for the first time.

He seemed to really enjoy himself (as much as a 10-month-old can, anyway) and he repeatedly tried to reach out and grab the fish, sharks, turtles, and jellyfish, etc. we saw while we were there.


I imagine at this age, trips like this are more fun for the parents. I know I got super excited when a giant sea turtle swam through the new reef exhibit, and when the dolphins splashed by a few feet away from us.

The highlight of our day though, was probably when I dumped a whole bowl of Maryland Crab Soup in my lap. All over my WHITE shorts.

Bright RED soup. Squishy vegetables all over me. Hot soup running down my leg, and into my shoe. I was understandably upset.

And Mike puts his hand on my shoulder and says, “Oh honey, don’t worry. We can get you more soup.”



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