Friday Things!

It’s September, already? How did that happen? And why does it finally feel like summer, now?! And, oh my god, I ordered the baby’s first birthday party invitations. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

I can’t drink pumpkin spice lattes (who would’ve guessed the syrup is full of dairy?!) and I can’t eat these caramels either (stupid cream and butter!) but they sure are pretty to look at.

Speaking of delicious things, Buzzfeed thinks it can guess your favorite food. (Spoiler alert: I got ice cream.)

I have tried again and again, unsuccessfully, to convince Mike we need a baby goat. He keeps saying no.

If I ever have a bigger house, with a bigger kitchen, and some extra walls, this is the first thing I’m buying.

And finally, I don’t care who you are, when someone proposes with 1001 hotdogs, YOU SAY YES.


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