After last week’s high-chair debacle, I’ve made damn sure that Gus is securely strapped into his chair before I run to the kitchen to get him more food or drink.

So you can imagine my surprise when he Houdini-ed his way out of his chair (straps and all) right in front of me over our breakfast this morning, and climbed onto the MIDDLE OF THE DINING ROOM TABLE.


This time was slightly less terrifying since I was sitting right next to him (and, obviously taking pictures with my free hand), but I’m sort of at a loss here, as far as how to keep him from doing it all the time.

So we can add high-chair escaping to the list of things I had no idea this kid could do, which also includes:

Reaching the top of the dining room table (glassware beware).
Reaching the top of the kitchen trash can (a failed attempt to quickly hide the dogs’ water).
Reaching the back of the toilet (several rolls of TP have been knocked into the bowl).
Reaching INTO the toilet (that was thankfully empty, but still gross, and unfortunate).

We’re in serious trouble once he’s fully mobile.


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