Five Things on Fridays

A lot of blogs I read do a sort of “look at what I found on the Internet this week” roundup, which I enjoy. I’ve found other blogs I really like, read really interesting articles, and discovered adorable Etsy shops from their weekly links.

But sometimes their lists are sooooo long, I get a little overwhelmed and just give up reading. Five things, would be perfect, if you ask me.

Maybe a cute Etsy listing. A recipe here and there. Something baby/parenting/fertility related. Some celebrity news. Pictures of cute baby animals. Pictures of fancy kitchens or bathrooms or swimming pools so we can all live vicariously through much richer people.

You know. Stuff like that.

So here’s my first list of Five Things on Friday.

Want to be the perfect mother? It’s totally easy, and impossible and you should do it, or not do it.

Being polite is easy too. And hey! Fun facts about prostitutes!

Fancy pants? Smarty pants? Cranky pants? Bossy pants? HANGRY pants?! Yes, please. I’ll take one of each.

Chubby or super-ripped, Chris Pratt is adorable.

I had no idea making pickles could be so easy.


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