Ten Months

Ten months feels significant for some reason. Maybe it’s that nice, round, double digit? Who knows. I DO know my baby doesn’t really look like a baby anymore. He looks like a (mostly toothless, but still!) little boy.


Height & Weight: I’d guess around 18 pounds and 29 or 30 inches? Won’t know for sure until his one-year (!) appointment, but he seems a lot taller to us.

Likes: Right now, Gus really enjoys emptying baskets, buckets, etc. He “helps” me take the laundry out of the dryer, and when I try to clean up his (thousands of) toys, he pulls something back out as soon as I put it away. He loves to pull all of his books off the shelf, and then flip through one or two until he finds a page that looks particularly delicious.

Dislikes: Diaper changes are still the worst part of our day. And man, does he despise the NoseFrida.

Sleep: We’ve had a few rough nights lately. First he got a little stomach bug, then we went to the beach for a week and everything was unfamiliar. Then he got a cold, which seems to be getting better. Also I think his top teeth are coming in. So some nights are great. Other nights he’s up once or twice and needs to nurse. One night he could only sleep sitting up on my chest, so I was in a chair from 2โ€“6 a.m., and none of us were happy.

Eating: I try to give him three meals of solids now. Breakfast is Cheerios and oatmeal with fruit. Lunch is veggie straws and coconut milk yogurt with more fruit. Dinner is some more veggie straws, maybe a meatball, or some chopped avocado, and some sort of meat/veggie/grain combo jar. He still nurses every three-ish hours too, about 6 times a day.

Clothes: I feel like I always move him up to the next size too late. Like, he’s a string bean so all his 9M stuff still fits, but is getting short. When I look at 12M stuff it seems huge to me, but a few days ago I put him in some new, bigger, PJs and they fit him perfectly. So I guess he wears 12M now, haha.


New Tricks: He’s a dancing machine, like his Momma. Speaking of Momma, he will occasionally say “mama,” and I think he really means it. He also just chats up a storm in general throughout the day. He’s walked a few feet with his push toy after standing behind it for the last two months. He will wave and give high-fives, usually when we least expect it, and rarely ever when I ask him to. Although last night when Mike came home from work, Gus waved and said what sounded an awful lot like “HI!” so I’m counting that as his second word.

Teeth: Those top two are coming, I can feel it (usually around 3 a.m.) but so far it’s just a lot of drool, and ear pulling, and runny noses. Tooth tally: 2.

Nicknames: Chompers, Buddy, Stringbean, GusGus, Crazy Hair.

Mommy & Daddy: After about four straight years of wearing nothing but my glasses, I decided to switch back to contacts for a few reasons. 1) Gus gets tremendous pleasure knocking my glasses off my face, so, 2) now they are perma-smudged and scratched. No matter how much I clean them, I can never see clearly. I had no idea how badly the lenses were damaged until I started wearing my contacts a week ago. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve adjusted glasses that aren’t there. I’m like a nerdy mime.



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